Your Business Coach Sucks!

Really…I mean it!

Your business coach is probably a great person, but I’m telling you, there are guys and girls out there that know more about improving your business performance than your coach ever will!

I should know…I’m a professional business coach charging up to $480 an hour and up to $8000 a month to work with my business clients.

So if your coach is no good….and I am saying that a coach with more than 30 years’ experience like me sucks….who the heck are these guys and girls who are such no-it-all’s when it comes to business success?

Well guess what? You’re one of them!

Yep, in my humble opinion, the people with the most experience in running a business and with the most practical advice on what it takes to make a business successful are other people like you… owners and managers who have made mistakes and survived, guys who have faced financial ruin and found a way to push through, girls who can spot an opportunity and smell if it has a chance to succeed or not.

Entrepreneurs just like you who are working their way through the University of Hard Knocks rather than working their way through a biz coaching system with a coach who bought into a franchise or licensing deal.

So pat yourself on the back….you are one of the real business experts out there.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you know everything though….does it?

As business owners we are always coming across new challenges and finding new opportunities. We can all use a friend to act as a sounding board, a mentor to help us make decisions, and information to build our skills.

That includes me even though I’ve had a 30 year career advising clients and running my own businesses.

That’s why I’ve launched a platform to build an online community of business owners and coaches from around the world to support each other in their joint quest to build better businesses, to make more money and to get our personal lives back!

I’ve called the platform Your Business Coaching Club and you have just arrived at our site – check out our home page to learn what we are trying to achieve.

It’s new, it’s unbelievably cheap and it will disrupt the business coaching model forever by putting the power and knowledge back into the hands of you….the business owners of the world!

Join the revolution!


Craig Ridley

Founder – Your Business Coaching Club


PS – Although the site is already packed with resources, we are still in start-up phase and finding our feet in making sure we cover everything you need to support your growth story.

Can I ask you a favour please? – If you can spare the time after visiting the site, drop me an email at and let me know if you think I’m on the right track and if there’s anything else you think I should be including for those that decide to join the club. Better still, leave your comments below.


PPS – I would like to share with you my sometimes weird look at the business world. Use the sign up form in the side bar to join my email list. If you don’t like what I send to you, just unsubscribe from this list and I will leave you alone. Hopefully we can become long term friends though – that will be much more satisfying for us all.

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