What Holds Back People from Getting a Business Website?

It is easy to think that every company of every type has a business website these days. After all, setting up one is now really easy and it can provide a terrific boost for any business.


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Yet, when we look at some recent research on the subject we can see that not as many small businesses have their own sites as you might think. We can get started by looking at the survey carried out in the last few months by GoDaddy and Redshift Research.

They asked a number of small businesses, mainly in India, whether they had a site or planned to get one set up in the near future. The headline results were that 63% of them don’t have a business website at all. Out of those who don’t yet have a site, 76% said that they plan to set one up in the next couple of years.

Other interesting figures from this survey reveal that 40% think that their business is too small to justify setting up a website. 17% said that it wouldn’t help their business and the same amount think that it is too expensive for them to do. A further 17% replied that they are happy relying upon social media and conventional business listings. Finally, 19% believe that it is a task that is too technical for them to handle.

Other sources suggest that in the US, 1 in 4 small businesses operate without a website. Even those that do have an online presence often don’t take full advantage of the marketing and selling opportunity that this presents.

Another recent article on the subject suggests that only 51% of US small business have their own websites. This data comes from the non-profit organization SCORE. The same source goes on to confirm that 97% of consumers look on the internet for products and services, with over half of the searches being local in nature.

Having seen these figures, perhaps it is time to look again at some of those popular reasons for not having a business website.

Too Small for a Website?

Could it be that some businesses are too small to have their own site? The truth is that it is easy to understand how an entrepreneur could think that setting up a site for a really small business might be a waste of time and resources. However, what if we flip this around and say that having a website could be exactly what is needed to make any business grow in the modern marketplace?

To put it simply, there is no way of knowing whether a website could help grow your company until you give it a try.

Too Expensive

It is true that setting up a website used to be an expensive task. However, these days it is something that can be done at a very low cost. In fact, it is possible to set up a site at virtually no cost at all now. Once you have the site some time needs to be dedicated to adding content and maybe carrying out search engine optimization, of course.

There are a few ways of doing this that can help to cut costs. For example, you could look for cheap global freelancers online to do to this for you. Alternatively, if you have a team of workers you could ask them each to contribute a small piece of content on a regular basis, trying to make it a fun addition to their working week if you can.

Too Technical

There are still lots of people who fear that running a business website is a highly technical task that only an expert can carry out. The good news in this case is that if you have basic PC skills then you start and run a website.

You might need to look up a few YouTube tutorials for help and guidance at the start but there is nothing needing done that requires computer programming experience or highly technical skills. You should soon discover that maintaining a small business site is interesting and fairly easy to do. Whether or not it turns out to be a big boost to your income is something that only time will tell.

As we can see, some of the most common objections to having a website are pretty easily overcome. If you have a company that you want to make a success of then trying to set up a strong online presence has got to be worth a try. It could turn out to be one of the best business moves you ever make.

If you now want to get started with your site then this video will help you

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