Using Press Releases to Get Hold of New Clients

It is clear that there are a number of ways of getting hold of new clients. It is also clear that the more ways you have of doing this effectively the better.

This video introduces us to the concept of using press releases to let more people find out about your company. If you have never before tried to use public relations to get more customers then using press releases could be the smartest approach.


image courtesy of PRNewswireGlobal via Flickr

The video goes through the following key points in this respect

  • Public relations promotes goodwill between your business, customers and the community in general
  • Product launches, interviews, surveys, books and newsletters are all types of public relations
  • Press releases have more credibility than paid advertisements, when carried out properly
  • They can also bring longer term benefits than paid adverts would
  • Completely free to produce; just act like a journalist and writer about your business
  • A different kind of advertising; it should read like a news story that could interest the public
  • There is nothing to guarantee that your press release will definitely get published. It depends upon the other news around on that day
  • Re-write it each time if it doesn’t get published and you need to re-send it
  • Aim at local publications that your customers are likely to read



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