Top Office Gadgets for Small Business Owners

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The good news is that this is where modern technology and new office gadgets can come in extremely handy. If you haven’t yet moved over to a smart, modern way of working then here are some of the best devices for making your working life that little bit easier.



If we start off with something rather generic but essential; tablets have been around for quite a long time now but not every small business owner has one yet. There are plenty of benefits to using one of these instead of the traditional desktop PC or even a laptop. Indeed, many of the top manufacturers are now aiming their products at small business owners.

Mobility is, of course, the biggest advantage that you get from using a tablet at work instead of a PC. On the most basic level, this means that you can head out to meet clients armed with all of the necessary information, work on the train or hold presentations whenever and wherever the need arises. A survey from a couple of years ago showed that around two-thirds of entrepreneurs used mobile technology, which is a figure we can only assume has increased since then.

Another good reason for using a tablet is that it can offer you a more flexible way of working. If you tend to do a lot of work at home in front of the computer then you can now do it in the yard, in a restaurant or wherever suits you. This ability to get a change of scenery might be enough to make you more productive and keep your days more interesting as well.

If you aren’t yet sure how to use a tablet for a better business experience then there are some tips from the US Small Business Administration to help you get started.

Treadmill Desks

A lot of research has been carried out recently on the benefits of standing up while working rather than sitting down. The results seem to suggest that standing up could give you some much-needed exercise while at work and keep you healthier overall. It could even mean that you save time by not having to go to the gym or go out jogging before or after work.

Perhaps more surprisingly, studies also show that using a treadmill desk could additionally boost your creativity too. Research carried out by Stanford University shows that you could be up to 60% more creative by walking instead of staying still. It might take some time to get used to standing upright all day long but the long-term benefits suggest that it is well worth making the effort to do so.

There are some reviews of this kind of desk online for you to check out if you are interested. They are generally positive, although it seems as though it is an office gadget that could take some getting used to.


Video Shooting Help

This new type of tool could be ideal for iPhone owners who want to make smart videos without hiring a cameraman or expensive equipment. The idea is very simple; you hold a marker and attach the likes of the Swivl device to your phone. The camera on the phone will then follow the marker, meaning that it takes video footage of you as you move.

In this way, you can very easily shoot videos, give product demonstrations or even hold professional video conferences. These office gadgets also have a microphone built into them that aims at the speaker and keeps the sound levels consistent even if you move around a lot. It might not be something that you use every day but it could be a big help on certain occasions. The iPhone version of Swivl is now available and the Android version is said to be due out soon.

Wireless Chargers

Making sure that all of the gadgets in the office are fully charged up is one of the modern problems for small business owners. It can be a real problem if the phones, tablets and other devices run out of juice during the day.

Where office gadgets like the Wattup come in handy is by wirelessly charging your gadgets. It works on devices up to 15 feet away and can handle a maximum of 12 devices at one time. Best of all is that it works out which gadgets are the highest priority by seeing which ones are on the lowest power levels. With the help of this wireless charger you have no excuse for ever running out of juice in the future.

Wi-Fi Boosting Light Bulbs

The days when light bulbs were only used to brighten up your office are now long gone. As an example of the power of modern office bulbs we can see how the Sengled Boost works. Sure, it gives you light and can be dimmed to meet your needs.

However, the big advantage to these bulbs is that they can also be used to boost your office Wi-Fi signal. If you currently get a weaker signal in some parts of the building then using some of these bulbs can ensure that everyone gets the same intensity of signal while they work.

Any of these office gadgets that we have seen can provide an easier life or a better working environment for small business owners and their employees.

If you want to find out more then this video looks at the fast-moving world of office gadgets in detail

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