Top 5 Ways To Grow Your Small Business In Today’s World

Guest writer DannyKovack makes the case that Millennials favour small businesses that care for their customers over the bigger, more impersonal competitors. If this is the age of the small business, how are you going to maximize your opportunity to grow your business? Danny gives you 5 effective strategies to consider in this article.

Millennials are a technology-driven demographic often referred to as the ‘generation of information’ and, with this in mind, it is no surprise that small businesses are finally gaining the traction that they deserve. The age of big business is well behind us and these young individuals have a strong connection to the home-made, home-grown, and customer-oriented world of small business and it’s honestly no surprise.

Millennials have watched their parents as well as their grandparents struggle with the outcomes of an upper class-focused society for years and, with most of them now well into adulthood, it’s sufficed to say that these information-hungry young individuals would rather turn to a small business that cares rather than the big ones who have proven their lack of care for the middle-class for decades.

So, how does this benefit small business owners and how can they tap into this massive demographic without falling flat on their backs in the process? The answer is simply that small business is the future of business as a whole and, by taking some steps to ensure that you are recognized fondly by this younger generation, you may find yourself heading into next year as a happier, more successful, and larger company than ever before.

Optimize Your Search Engine Results

Although most small business owners are completely unaware of the benefits to optimizing your search engine results, SEO can be an easy and effective online marketing strategy in order to gain a larger audience and increase your site’s traffic overall. There are plenty of ways to easily build internal and external links that are both high-quality and simplistic, however, the most effective practices are creating a blog that your clients can get involved in on a daily basis, finding companies, sites, and blogs that will share your products or inform their readers of them, and, if you are not the most tech-savvy, choosing a company that can help you to optimize your site organically and increase your traffic in a natural way.

Creating A Blog

It honestly isn’t very difficult to create a blog for your site, however, the effects of doing so are immense. By creating an enticing blog with content revolving around both your field as well as your products, you can involve your customers organically and hear what they think about your company and what they need for future marketing strategies. Once you get a grip on your consumers’ voices, you can easily create content and products that they will be more inclined to purchase or be attached to. How’s that for free product feedback?

Finding Companies and Sites to Promote Products

This is an easy way to collaborate with your fellow business contacts to build your external links and increase your traffic throughout the web. By using your contacts to find sites and companies that will boast about your brand, you are enticing a whole new consumer-base whilst doing very little in return. On top of this, once you create your blog, you can offer these people links and articles on your site as well to truly give some and get some in return.

Choosing a Company to Optimize your Search Engine Rank

So maybe you aren’t a huge fan of the ‘google’ and you can barely use your cell phone other than to make calls which, honestly, is totally alright. Although you might not be the most tech-savvy individual in the world, there are still plenty of ways to tap into the younger demographic and picking a company to help you do this effectively can allow you to focus more on the stuff you do know and less on the stuff that drives you nuts. However, there are millions of companies to pick from and taking the time to choose the one that suits you will more than likely keep you calm, cool, and collected as you reap the benefits of SEO from the sidelines.

Attend Quality Business Conferences

Okay, so if you are currently a fairly popular company, you might already be going to several business expos in your area to promote the brand, give out freebies, and gain contacts for your business.  However, there are plenty of conferences nationwide that may actually be a better option to attain more interest in your brand or product overall. However, simple exhibit planning can seriously increase the likelihood of potential customers coming to your booth before others and actually listening to what you have to say before grabbing the free candy and pens you have on display.

Another great way to increase traffic at your expo booth is by choosing popular freebies that will interest people before they even walk up to the stand and grab them. Finally, by having easy-to-read, enticing, and high-quality posters and pamphlets, you will attract more eyes and explain the product efficiently which will more than likely give your new clients and customers the opportunity to talk in-depth with you and not a poster or pamphlet.

Plan Your Finances Efficiently

Most small business are subject to making terrible financial decisions in their first few years due to the simple fact that they are not as experienced as some of the larger and older businesses out there. If you are anything like me, finances can be an intense struggle and keeping track of all those numbers, loans, and checks can seriously inhibit your ability to work on the customer and employee side of the company rather than just the money aspects.

With this in mind, finding a quality financial planning company that can manage both your taxes as well as your finances as a whole can increase your profits and help you succeed more financially than you have ever before. However, if you choose to manage your finances yourself but find that your taxes are still a huge pain, there is plenty of effective tax planning software sites that can get the most out of the tax season for your company and help you to prevent the unnecessary stress often connected to this horrid season.

Create Effective Employee Retention Strategies

Employee retention has become a serious issue with the addition of the millennial generation in business. Most millennials find themselves not being heard, not making a difference, and being bored at the office overall, however, there are plenty of simple ways to increase your employee retention and make your company seem like a fun and modern location to work for. The best ways to do this are by finding your company’s style, creating incentives, and getting involved in your local community to help your employees feel like they are truly making a difference around them (even if it’s not entirely in the office).

Finding Your Company’s Style

You probably don’t think too much about what the inside of your company looks like and, honestly, why would you? To you, this office is probably just a workplace and the look and feel of it is of no concern to either your clients or yourself, but when you hire a new employee, you can bet your butt that they are analyzing where they will spend the next few years of their life and judging it accordingly.

That’s why taking a modern approach at the interior of your humble offices can significantly increase company morale and make people want to come to work rather than simply have to. Now, maybe you’re not looking to pay seven million dollars to remodel everything in your entire office, but even going down to the local thrift store and picking up some whacky couches and lamps can make your offices seem fun rather than mind-numbingly boring to a new hire and current employee alike.

Creating Incentives

Creating incentives such as company parties, bonuses, luncheons, and even free swag from your brand may seem silly at first, but these little perks can honestly improve your employee retention and morale as a whole. This new generation often finds themselves not being appreciated for the work they put in to make the companies they work for better and, by showing that you care and want them to be happy, you can relieve some of that stress and make your employees feel important and integral in the workplace.

Getting Involved in The Community

Whether it be by signing up for a monthly volunteer night at the local shelter or even spending a Saturday helping out at a nearby garden initiative, getting involved in the community can seriously improve your company’s team building skills, allow your employees to get to know one another better, and help them to feel like they are making the difference that they hoped to make in the world through their job. It may not gain traction at first, but don’t give up, continue to promote it, and, before you know it, you may find yourself spending quality time with the people that make your company tick on a personal level.

Boost your Social Media Marketing Game

Social media platforms have taken the world by storm and, although these accounts are often associated with your personal life and not your business, creating a social media marketing campaign can seriously increase your chances of tapping into this modern generation and creating a younger fanbase that will back you through thick and thin. By updating your social media accounts frequently, interacting with your followers, and even promoting new blog posts, products, and contests through the platforms you can boost your site traffic, increase your consumer-base, and tap into the millennial demographic with no cost to you or your company whatsoever.

Although this ‘generation of information’ may seem a bit intimidating to anyone who is either new to business or still a rather small company, these simple tips can help you to reduce the stress that comes with catering to an entirely new group and increase the chances of 2017 being the best year for both your employees as well as your company as a whole. After all, this year is clearly the year of small business, so why not make the most out of it?

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