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Why You Need To Approach Marketing Strategically In Your Small Business

Small businesses will often find that there are constraints on how much marketing activity can be carried out and how much can actually be spent on it. These constraints mean that every initiative and every dollar spent has to bring in a good return to optimize your limited resources.

Check out my short You Tube video on how you can make your marketing strategy so much more effective.

Regardless of how limited your resources are, I’m here to tell you that you can still be massively successful in your marketing efforts if you take a strategic approach.

Marketing Plans

Laser Target Your Marketing Efforts To Be Successful

Not all business owners are effective in marketing their business and its products and services. Some of the shortcomings I have found include:

  • Being reactive to a current crisis rather than following a long term plan;
  • Having limited resources and lacking economies of scale;
  • Placing a strong reliance on passive word-of-mouth for sales
  • Focusing on the development of sales through new customers rather than retaining their existing customers;
  • Having limited awareness of what marketing really is;
  • Showing a tendency to ‘shot gun’ promotional activity; and,
  • Having access to only limited market intelligence.

What many small businesses end up doing is leave the marketing decisions to the absolute last minute – “Let’s just get those ads out!” – falling to a mail shot here and a radio ad there. At that point, you might sit back and see what happens.

Or there is a knee jerk reaction to falling sales like, “Quick, let’s put on a promo.” This reaction is typical but can only be considered marketing on the run, rather than carefully planned.

In order to get that optimum return on investment you and your business need to use a planned approach – a marketing strategy that will set you apart from your competitors.

There is no question that the world of marketing is ever-changing. Technology has accelerated to such an extreme that business owners can almost promote their entire business online thanks to social media platforms, email marketing and autoresponder services.

But traditional marketing strategies are not yet dead; they are still highly effective when used strategically.

Regardless of how you decide to promote your business today, you need to build solid relationships with your customers, and those solid relationships are what will help skyrocket your sales.

Of course, no matter what kind of marketing tactics you decide to implement, you will face a variety of challenges when it comes to implementing your marketing plans including limited human and financial resources.

That just makes it even more important to approach your marketing strategies in a carefully planned manner to maximize your return on these limited resources.

Putting together a full blown marketing strategy encompasses a lot of activity:

  • doing market research;
  • working out objectives and setting particular strategies based on manipulating pricing, promotion and distribution channels;
  • developing selling systems;
  • driving customer care;
  • branding,
  • and much more.

Quite simply, the aim of marketing is to be offering:

  • The right product or service:
  • At the right price
  • At the right place
  • At the right time

You can achieve all of this if you learn to approach marketing strategically in your small business.

I have developed a business coaching module to help you achieve this.

In the third module in my business coaching program I want to show you How To Approach Marketing Strategically….how to laser target your marketing efforts rather than using the scattergun approach your competitors are most likely using.

Approaching Marketing Strategically

What will you learn from this business coaching module?

•           You will understand the key elements you need to build into your marketing plan

•           You will understand how to identify your ideal customer type and where to find them

•           You will understand how to develop a professional marketing plan based around the 4 P’s – Product, Price, Place and Promotion

•           You will understand how to roll out a world class promotions plan, targeted to your ideal customers and focused on your strategic goals

•           You will understand how to write an effective marketing plan that will keep you and your team focused on driving sales success

What will that mean to you and your business?

Once you have developed a strategic marketing plan tailored for your business goals, you will have an amazingly powerful tool to ensure you achieve marketing perfection where you are always seen to be offering:

•           the right product

•           at the right price

•           at the right time

•           to the right customers

And as a result you will:

•           Increase sales

•           Improve profit, and

•           Grow your business

Are you ready to massively improve the return on your marketing investment?

Members can access the full business coaching resources here – https://yourbusinesscoachingclub.com/members-area/small-business-mba/module-3-approaching-marketing-strategically/

Full membership only costs $15 per month so if you are not yet a member, learn more about Your Business Coaching Club here.


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