The Ultimate Guide to Successful Business Networking

Business networking is a skill that all small business owners need to master. The team from have put together this comprehensive guide to networking setting out everything you need to know. Enjoy the read.

Your business is important to you, so you definitely are going to do what you can to maintain and even build its success. Networking is a key tool to do just that. Networking can help bring in new clients, increasing your business. Networking can also help you locate a new job, should you lose yours. With networking, all your contacts can lead you to new opportunities.


For people that enjoy meeting and talking with new people, business networking would appear a piece of cake, and it can be, if you know what it’s all about. The purpose behind networking is to build relationships; relationships with purpose. You’re not out to meet people and talk about hobbies, although that can lead to relationships. Nope, your purpose in business networking is to build relationships that can help you in business. GCLG has produced a comprehensive guide to help those new to networking, and those who are not so successful at it.


Although it’s commonly thought that business networking only happens at trade shows and conventions, those are not the only places that it can occur. Actually, networking can happen anyplace that you interact with other people. Other people means anybody that you have the opportunity to talk with, such as the janitor at a business that you frequent, or the CEO of a business that you deal with. With that in mind, you should always have quality business cards on hand. If not, you will lose the opportunity for somebody to contact you at a later date.
Proper networking involves building relationships that benefit both parties. One sided networking is not effective, and one shouldn’t approach it with the purpose of just benefitting one’s self. If done in that manner, networking is not going to pay off as you won’t be taken seriously. Don’t forget manners, etiquet, dress, and such. You’re trying to make an impression, remember? Hold off on the sales pitch, thank the other person for their time, offer feedback if the opportunity arrises, and be genuine; these are a few things to remember when business networking.


Poor networking will leave others with a poor impression of you. If you approach networking with the goal of meeting people, learning about them, and leaving a lasting positive impression, then networking will pay of for you. This won’t necessarily come naturally, but you’ll find that putting forth the effort to get to know somebody and build on ongoing relationship could pay off in the future.

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