The Serious Side of Small Business – How To Fire an Employee

How To Fire An Employee Properly

As a small business entrepreneur, you will inevitably have to deal with the task of letting an employee go.

This not only impacts your plan to improve your business, but ultimately impacts the staff member as well. The majority of workers that are laid off will feel shocked and quite possibly hurt.

Being let go from work might create financial hardship and stress on the employee; just as it creates stress for the boss. Due to the fact that firing an employee is really a “high drama” situation, if it is managed poorly, it can easily produce undesirable outcomes.

For that reason, as a small business owner, it is important that you handle firing appropriately and lawfully.

Being Sensitive to the Situation
Timing is everything in letting an employee go. Make sure that the day you terminate someone they are not experiencing a personal crisis. Letting a person go on a day of personal crisis can easily elevate emotions further and can lead to an employee looking for retaliation in the future.

Offer recognition prior to letting the worker find out why it is that they are being dismissed. At the same time, do not overextend your sympathies – this can make an employee feel as though they are being dismissed from your small business without merit.

Never Delegate and Never Make it Public
Firing must never be carried out by someone else. You are the small business owner; as a result, you are responsible for firing the worker.

Dismissing an employee should never be a public event. Have a respected manager in with you throughout the dismissal to observe the proceedings, but do not make it possible for other employees to witness the event nor know about it before hand.

When ever an employee is fired, a time of dismissal and day of departure should be established at the dismissal itself. It is essential to use an “as soon as possible” mindset concerning the dismissal time and date. The less time an employee lingers on the premises of your business, the less time rumors and detrimental feelings can be created. An employee forced to stay in uncomfortable situations can easily end up being spiteful.

Protecting Your Business Lawfully
It is very important for any small business to dismiss an employee properly, but also within the law. By making sure you cover yourself legally, the dismissed employee will have less opportunity to take legal proceedings against your business as a kind of payback. Take these legal measures to be sure that your employee dismissal is appropriate as well as ethical:.

– Have specific and legally justifiable reasons why the staff member is being let go.
– Ensure that no reason can be misconstrued as discrimination, unfairness or favoritism.
– Back up your reasons for dismissing the employee with a register of facts.
– Ensure that severance pay and terms of termination are accurate and clear upon termination.
– Use monthly, quarterly or annual reviews as a way to evaluate whether or not an employee’s performance warrants a termination.

As a small business entrepreneur, you need to ensure that your business is protected from workers who have been let go. Cover yourself legally and personally before, during and after the termination process. If ever you are unsure the best way to go about firing an employee consult a labor attorney or human resources specialist to ensure your company can not suffer legal ramifications down the road.

Firing an employee really is the ugly side of being a small business owner but it is a task that needs your full attention to make sure it is done right.

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