The Importance of a Clean Home Office

This guest post from Ankush highlights one of those small tasks that happen around you when you work in an office but fall to you to organise when you work from home. Who is going to keep your home office clean if you don’t do it?

Almost one in seven people work from home nowadays — and it’s no surprise why. Working from home allows people to cut out long commuting time and offers greater flexibility of working hours.

However, there are drawbacks to working from home: lack of socialising from an office environment, extra heating bills or household costs, and finding that internal motivation when there can be so many distractions around you.

Keeping personal and work life separate when you have a home office can be tricky. As well as dividing your space between work and leisure, keeping the working area clean and tidy is crucial.

Tidy Space = Tidy Mind

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Tidy space, tidy mind’, right? Although some of us may think it’s nonsense, there are some scientific studies to prove otherwise. Princeton University Neuroscience Institute claims: “Multiple stimuli present in the visual field at the same time compete for neural representation.” This effectively means that if you have a lot of clutter around you, your mind is trying to organise itself with where to start and which is the most important. To make it easier on your mind, remove clutter and have the task at hand in front of you.

Although removing clutter is useful, this doesn’t necessarily mean having the bare minimum in your home office. An office can still have personality and objects which won’t distract you. Researchers found that having plants in an office can be very beneficial. An inviting smell from something like flowers can be very helpful for your mind-set.

Avoid The Spreading of Germs

You may have avoided the office lurgy by working from home, but you need to make sure that your home office environment is clean to prevent any illnesses.

Once the clutter is removed, it’s important to freshen up your home office. While your office may look clean, there are many intricate hideouts for germs. For example, your computer or laptop keyboard is a seriously hazardous zone for bacteria to live in. Wash your hands before you start typing and if you take a break in the kitchen or bathroom, always wash your hands. You don’t want to bring the germs back to your office!

It’s not only your keyboard that can have grime lurking, either. Carpets can hold up to eight times its weight in dirt and dust. Quick, pass the vacuum cleaner!

Top Tips for Home Office Cleaning

An organised mind and cleaner environment are key reasons to keep your home office clean and tidy. One of the downsides of working from home is that all the cleaning has to be done yourself and finding that motivation when you already have other tasks can be difficult. But if you can manage it, setting aside ten minutes at the end of your working day for cleaning will make a big difference. It means your office will be ready for work the following day, as soon as you’re ready.

And of course, the removal of clutter means cleaning shouldn’t take too long. Like all cleaning, you should start at the top of the room and work your way down . Use a duster and clean the top shelves and along the top of your workspace. Any dust and dirt will flutter to the floor for the final task: vacuuming!

As well as dusting and hoovering up, cleaning your keyboard or laptop is essential. From time to time, you should have a thorough deep clean of your keyboard , but a simple dust every day will go a long way. After dusting, use simple items from around your house, such as a cotton swab or a soft bristle brush, to clean in between the keys with a cleaning solution.

Following these simple tips means your home office will be clean in no time. Having a calm mind and being healthy are great reasons to create your perfect home office.


About the Author:

Ankush is a London-based entrepreneur and founder of cleaning agency, St. Anne’s Housekeeping, providing professional cleaning and ironing services both in the home and office.

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