Six Weapons For Brand Managment And Profit

Why Is Brand Management Important? Solid, consistent, well-managed brands will produce higher market values and competitive advantages for the small businesses that develop them. Each time a person connects with your brand, the experience they have plays a part in illustrating who you are as a business. Brand management is what converts a small business…

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How To Grow Your Business And Improve Your Life At The Same Time

grow your business

Do you want to know how to massively increase the value of your business when it comes time to sell, while at the same time significantly improving your quality of life while you run it? The secret is to change and improve the way your business operates to make sure it runs as efficiently and…

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How To SWOT Your Way To A High Performance Business Model

One of the common questions business owners ask me is – “What’s wrong with my business and how do I fix it?” My answer is that the first step to increase sales, improve profit and grow your business is to understand the good, bad and ugly in your current business model. To do that you…

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The Three Myths of Small Business Planning

Small Business Planning

Small business owners tend to overlook an important part of structuring their business: creating a formal strategic plan. Often referred to as “business planning”, a strategic plan guides a small business on where it should go and how to improve as time goes on. These plans will ultimately improve profit and create priorities for the…

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