Cheapest Ways to Promote Your Business Start-Up

small business promotion plan

All small business owners look for cheap and effective ways to promote their business. It is even more critical for business start-ups. In this guest post from Ryan Duffy he outlines 4 very easy and cheap marketing options for you to consider. A well-known fact when it comes to running a business is that it…

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5 Mistakes Start-ups Make When Getting Off The Ground

In this guest post, Walt Capel talks about some of the common mistakes made by small business start-ups, and in particular, the need to spend some time getting your insurance needs correct. People who are brave enough to start their own business generally have different personality traits from other people.  Confidence is usually one of…

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The Entrepreneurs Guide To Successful Business

Starting and running a small business is tough. Do you have what it takes to be successful in both the startup phase and the longer term? In small business you are constantly subjected to mental stress. You need a solid physical constitution because you may find yourself working longer hours than you ever did as…

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