Discounting Murders Profit (Here’s What To Do Instead To Get More Profit)

Avoid Price Discounting At All Costs! How many times have you heard me warn you of the perils of price discounting? Too many times I think! But I firmly believe small business owners who automatically jump to a discounting strategy as their Plan B when times get tough are simply throwing away money! I will…

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How To Use Guest Blogging To Increase Targeted Traffic To Your Web Site

As an online marketer I am always interested in finding new ways to drive traffic to my websites, and not just any traffic, I am looking for targeted traffic where the visitors are interested in the niche my sites are promoting. We all know that finding targeted traffic is the first step in finding success…

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A Small Business Owner Doesn’t Have to Do It All

delegation in a small business

The majority of small business owners tend to be running the entire company themselves – whether they have employees or not. Why would you choose to run the show yourself? The common excuses include:   Not having the time to train someone on the business process Not having enough time to explain duties to someone…

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