Retaining Customers in Today’s Business World

In the world where very few industries and companies could claim that they have the market cornered, is it really that hard to retain customers? It appears that it is getting hard to command customer loyalty and have a stable (forget growing!) customer base. The factors are numerous and not all are in the control…

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How To Effectively Manage Your Sales Leads

Your marketing strategy brings in the leads, but it is your sales strategy that makes you the profit. The sales and marketing process is often a mystery to small business owners. We all understand that we need to market to create sales, but the whole idea of selling can absolutely make our blood run cold!…

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Tired Of Wasting Money on Shotgun Marketing? Time To Buy A Laser Scope!

sales and marketing

Why You Need To Approach Marketing Strategically In Your Small Business Small businesses will often find that there are constraints on how much marketing activity can be carried out and how much can actually be spent on it. These constraints mean that every initiative and every dollar spent has to bring in a good return…

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Convert Online Browsers Into Buyers

Regardless of how skilled you may be at drawing customers to your website or into your store or office, the real test is how often a browser is being converted into a committed buyer. One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make is to poorly allocate their marketing funds. They often use their…

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Grow Your Business With An Effective Unique Core Differentiator

For those of you who have not yet found your Unique Core Differentiator, it is about time you realize how effectively it will help you grow your business. A UCD can make a world of difference when it comes to the success of your company. Why? A Unique Core Differentiator is something that will clearly…

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A Practical Guide To Using Social Media In Your Business

social media strategies for business

I think most business owners now understand the benefits of using social media as a marketing strategy within their business. But the challenge is to find a practical way to use the various social media options to get maximum results without wasting too much time. The following blog post was made by a colleague of…

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How To Increase The Profit Margins In Your Business

Improve business profit now

Increasing the profit margins in your business is the 4th step in my 5 step system to increase sales, improve your profit and massively grow your business. When you have worked hard to increase the number of customers buying from you, to increase the number of times they come back and to increase the average…

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How To Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness With Minimal Cost

For many small business owners it can be difficult to identify the most effective marketing strategies to increase exposure while minimizing the investment required in terms of cash and time. Here are some thoughts on how to improve your marketing effectiveness with minimal cost. Taking advantage of free marketing opportunities ought to be a given.…

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