Successful Small Business Owners Know This Number – Do You?

Why Is Customer Lifetime Value Important To Your Small Business? One of the key numbers you need to understand when developing a sales and marketing plan for your small business is the lifetime value of your customers. This is the number that the most successful business owners track to laser target their marketing strategies as…

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How To Use Virtual Assistants To Improve Your Productivity

With the globalisation of the business world, it is now easier than ever to find staff to perform virtual roles within your small business to help improve your productivity and free up time spent on day to day tasks to better focus on the strategic direction of your business. Virtual assistants can be used to…

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How GSA Schedule Contract Helps Small Businesses To Prosper

Every entrepreneur wants their startup to develop into a big enterprise. Easier said than done, unless they have good connections with the business fraternity! Networking and recommendations are keys to success in today’s highly competitive business world. Bagging a federal contract is certainly the best option for small businesses to establish their presence and to…

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How To Turn Problems Into Business Opportunities

Albert Einstein once said that “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity”. These words are incredibly relevant when it comes to looking for ways to grow and develop your small business. As an entrepreneur you face challenges on a daily basis – the real trick is whether you can turn each challenge into an opportunity…

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The Serious Side of Small Business – How To Fire an Employee

How To Fire An Employee Properly As a small business entrepreneur, you will inevitably have to deal with the task of letting an employee go. This not only impacts your plan to improve your business, but ultimately impacts the staff member as well. The majority of workers that are laid off will feel shocked and…

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Grow Your Business With An Effective Unique Core Differentiator

For those of you who have not yet found your Unique Core Differentiator, it is about time you realize how effectively it will help you grow your business. A UCD can make a world of difference when it comes to the success of your company. Why? A Unique Core Differentiator is something that will clearly…

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How To Grow Your Business And Improve Your Life At The Same Time

grow your business

Do you want to know how to massively increase the value of your business when it comes time to sell, while at the same time significantly improving your quality of life while you run it? The secret is to change and improve the way your business operates to make sure it runs as efficiently and…

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A Small Business Owner Doesn’t Have to Do It All

delegation in a small business

The majority of small business owners tend to be running the entire company themselves – whether they have employees or not. Why would you choose to run the show yourself? The common excuses include:   Not having the time to train someone on the business process Not having enough time to explain duties to someone…

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