Small Business Health & Safety Help

Keeping your employees safe and healthy is sure to be one of the biggest concerns in your business. As well as being something that makes you feel good, it is also an issue that you have a legal responsibility to sort out.


The exact small business health & safety procedures you need to put in place will largely depend upon the type of small business you run. After all, the risks present in an office are very different from those in a building site or an agricultural setting.

However, by following some simple pieces of basic advice it is possible to make as start on this and begin to look after your staff in the way you need to.

This video gives us a good introduction to the subject of health & safety in a small business.

  • How health and safety should be a core business value for your company
  • Save money in the long run by keeping employees safe and healthy
  • Boost staff morale by showing that you care for them and are looking after them
  • Increase productivity at the same time, by promoting best practices and good work behaviours
  • Get the staff involved in health & safety, to ensure their buy in and to lessen your workload in this respect too
  • Don’t overlook the simple things such as teaching the best ways to bend, to life objects and to carry out other everyday tasks that could cause problems for your staff.

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