Simple Website Design Tips For Small Business Owners

Every small business needs a web site today – that is pretty obvious.

The problem is though that as a small business owner, you don’t necessarily know what your web site should look like or how it should function. You are an expert in your industry, not necessarily an expert in web site design as well.

As a result you are likely to outsource the web site design to an IT company or a marketing firm.

All that is great, but my advice is that you still need to have a general idea of how the web site should be set up and what it should achieve. With just a little knowledge you won’t get blindsided by the IT experts when they start to talk a language that only they can understand – you know what I mean don’t you 🙂

Here is a simple You Tube video I found that sets out some simple web design tips that you should know as a small business owner.

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