Keeping Your Balance – 4 Tips For The Road Warrior

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As a small business entrepreneur you often have to spend long hours traveling away from home. What sounds exciting at the start rapidly becomes draining on your energy levels. Guest author Emma Sturgis gives us 4 useful tips to maintaining some life balance while on the road.

The daily nine to five routine is not made for everyone. Showing up to the same office, talking to the same people, and doing the same tasks every day can drive some people crazy. For those with the desire for a more adventurous work experience, the life of a road warrior is the perfect fit. Management consultants, traveling sales representatives, lifestyle bloggers, etc. are all positions that allow workers to travel while on the job and offer a much-needed change to the working routine. While this may sound like the ideal situation for some, these types of positions provide unique sets of challenges for those who are often on the road.

One of the most difficult aspects of traveling for work is the ability to support a proper work-life balance. Spending your weekdays in stuffy hotel rooms and crowded airplanes can easily impact your life outside of work if you aren’t proactive. This is why we are here to offer a few tips on how to help you escape the “all work, no play” lifestyle many traveling employees find themselves stuck in after some time on the road.

Separate Your “Work” Hours From Your “You” Hours

We are all guilty of spending some extra time on work tasks in our spare time to either get ahead or catch up on a previously ignored assignment with an impending deadline. Doing this every once in a while is perfectly fine, but letting it become a part of your normal routine can easily lead to burn out. Being stuck in a hotel room with not many options for entertainment further begins to blend the lines between work hours and personal hours and makes it even easier for work to creep outside the office. To avoid the unnecessary stress and burnout, create a personal cut-off deadline where you force yourself to close your laptop and shut yourself out of any and all work activities. Use this time to catch up on your favorite show, get a workout in, or just go out and get a nice dinner. This is your time and don’t let unfamiliar surroundings take it away from you.

Don’t Forget About The Family

Nothing feels better than hearing the voice of your child or seeing the face of a family member after a long day of work. Not being able to see them in person is disappointing, but don’t let the lack of physical availability affect your ability for interaction. Schedule some time to talk to your partner every night, even if it is for 15 minutes or so. You’ll be surprised how refreshed and happy you will feel after seeing the faces of your loved ones who are waiting for you to get home.

Make Your New Location Your Temporary Home

This tip isn’t for everyone, but for those with more flexibility it is a great option. Depending on how long your project assignment lasts, you may want to talk to your employer about utilizing corporate housing/short-term apartment living like those found at Corporate Habitat. This option allows you the ability to make a home out of your travel site and cut the commute that can have such a negative impact on your work-life balance. You would no longer need to stuff into a cramped hotel room during the week and would have more time to explore your new city.

Get Out Of The House

After a long week of traveling, it can sometimes feel nice to just spend your short time at home on the couch unwinding. Resist the urge! Get out of the house and spend time with those who you can’t see that often. Grab a drink with a friend, take your wife out to dinner, go see a movie with your parents, etc. It may seem like the last thing you want to do, but trust me, you will not regret the times you spend with those close to you and it provides some extra motivation to get you through those travel days knowing what is waiting for you at home.

Traveling for your profession is not for everyone. Hours are often long and you can have a hard time trying to support your family and social life when all you want to do is relax after a long week of travel. We hope these tips can help you stay sane during those long weeks on the road and help you keep that work-life balance intact.

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