Is Daily Car Hire A Solution To Your Fleet Management Needs?

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Managing a fleet of vehicles can be challenging for small business owners. In this Guest Post, the guys at Fleet Dynamic talk about daily car hire as one option to consider.

Daily business car hire is one of the options available to business owners and fleet managers that require a short-term solution to fleet management. This type of service is commonly used for employees that do not have access to a company car, but might be required to visit a client or travel for any other reason.

You need to consider the type of vehicle that you want, the exact period that you require access to the vehicle, and also factors such as the mileage you will cover, whether your rental includes breakdown coverage, and whether the vehicle can be delivered to your place of business. Budget will obviously play an important part, too, and it is worth bearing in mind that daily rental can be arranged short notice so it can be used to meet last minute demands. If using your fleet management company to arrange the rental, you should be able to incorporate these requirements into your ongoing fleet management contract as well.

Vehicle Types

Different businesses have different vehicle requirements. Daily hire can be used for cars, vans, and even for more specialist vehicles like small removal vans. It is important that you lease the right type of vehicle, otherwise leasing could cause more problems than it solves.


When taking out daily business car hire, some companies may place limitations on the number of miles that can be completed. However, it is also possible to find daily rental agreements that have no restrictions placed on the mileage that a driver can cover. When considering daily rental, determine the number of miles that you are going to cover, and if there are restrictions placed on the mileage you are allowed to cover, ensure that the deal covers enough miles before agreeing to it. If you cover more miles than contracted, there is likely to be a premium charged, and this can quickly inflate the cost of your rental so do consider this when calculating mileage – it is better to err on the side of caution.

Other Features Included

It is also worth considering the additional features that a car rental or car leasing company offers its customers. 24 hour breakdown coverage means that you can provide peace of mind to the employee that will use the car, and it could help avoid being late or missing any appointments or scheduled deliveries. The cost you pay should include road tax and any other costs, may include insurance unless you agree otherwise, and should also incorporate the VAT that you need to pay.

Incorporating Daily Hire Into Your Fleet Management Service

If you find that you are regularly using daily car rental contracts, it could prove more cost effective to buy or lease a vehicle for use as a pool car. However, for those companies that find they have unexpected additional requirements, a daily hire can offer an inexpensive means of meeting these requirements and fulfilling or meeting client and business demands.


As with every business decision, budget matters. If you need an executive car, or you want to hire a specialist vehicle, then the costs are likely to be higher. You may also need to pay more if you have last minute requirements, rather than being able to give some advance notice. Use a service that includes all costs, such as breakdown cover and unlimited mileage, to receive total transparency from your daily vehicle rental service.

Typical Uses For Daily Hire

Daily hire offers a means of reacting to unexpected change. Whether it is a last minute sales deal, a vehicle you won is unexpectedly put out of commission, or your business hits an unexpected peak in demand, you can meet these requirements with the assistance of a reliable and reputable daily hire service. It means that you don’t have to ask employees to use their own vehicles for business purposes, and it offers a more cost effective and efficient solution to buying or taking out a long-term lease for a one-off vehicle requirement.


Fleet Dynamic offers a range of lease and rental options, including daily hire on a wide selection of vehicles and vehicle types. Incorporate all associated costs into your rental, and use Fleet Dynamic to manage your fleet vehicles and fleet management requirements, enabling you to concentrate your efforts on the core aspects of running your business.

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