How To Find The Time To Become A Small Business Success

Business Success Will Only Come When You Start To Work On Your Business Rather Than In Your Business

Ask yourself – what would happen to your business if you took a 12 month holiday?

I think this is the real test of whether you are a true leader in your business or just an employee of your business, or perhaps even a slave to your business!

If your answer is that the business is unlikely to survive during those 12 months that you would be away, you now have proof that you are working way too much IN your business and not spending enough time working ON your business.

You need to remove yourself from the day to day activities and tasks of the business to become truly successful.

If you don’t remove yourself from day to day roles, all you really have is a job – and possibly, like so many other small business owners around the world, it may be a job that actually pays you a lower hourly rate than what you need to pay your employees!

Is that what you really want from your business career?

I am sure that when you first decided to go into business you dreamed of working less hours than you did in your old job, getting your hands on more take home cash than in your old job, and of building an asset that could be sold for a massive profit when you were ready to retire.

So why is it then that sometimes you find yourself longing for those good old days when you were just an employee without a care in the world?

Let me tell you that you can still achieve that original dream, providing you allow yourself the time to think strategically about your business.

You need to become a leader in the business not just a worker.

You need to drive a strategy focused on achieving your personal and business goals – that’s what is known as working ON your business rather than IN your business.

Yes, it is a horrible cliché that you have heard way too many times but it is one of the true secrets to business success – you need to plan your business growth strategy and drive that strategy as hard as you can.

Business success will not just come to you while you work hard keeping the wheels turning on a day to day basis. In fact sometimes, the harder you work in your business, the further away your chances of business success appear!

One of the ways to reduce the need for you to work so hard inside the business is to create and document systems that others can use to perform the tasks needed to keep the business operating.

There are very few business tasks that can’t be performed by someone other than you as the business owner – you just need to systemize the process and train someone to do that job.

You never know, that person may actually be better at the job than you are!

By systemizing the business processes you can also start to build a team that functions effectively at both the operational level and the strategic level.

You will be amazed at how well your team can contribute to your business growth strategies if you just create the right environment for them to show their abilities.

Changing your work habits is just as hard as changing those of your team – we have discussed that previously in our Business Coaching Program – but change you must!

It’s time to stop being a slave to your business and start to drive a strategy aimed at improving your profit and achieving business growth.

As the cliché states – it is time that you started to work ON your business and not just IN your business.

In fact, it is probably well past time you made this change.

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