How to Choose a Business Name

When the time comes to choose a business name you might wonder how on Earth to get started. The task of choosing a great business name is something that can cause a lot more hassle than you might think

However, this process can be a great deal easier and could even be fairly enjoyable if you follow certain tactics to get it right.

This video show us a few ways of picking a business name that suits you, with each approach including a short list of examples of real company names.


  • Get it right from day one if you can
  • You could choose a business name that includes the main aim or benefit of your business
  • Pick a name that shows the problem that you can save for your customers
  • Use alliteration to get a memorable name that will stick in people’s minds
  • Choose a single, existing word that you then attach to your business
  • Invent a new word that you then try to make synonymous with your business
  • Choose a business name that comes from mixing up a couple of different words, or parts of them
  • Use a word and then change the spelling to make something unique for your business
  • Avoid long and complicated name that are difficult for customers to remember

Which of these approaches will best suit you, and what business name will you eventually go for?


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