How To Build A Winning Team In Your Small Business

build a winning team

In this small business coaching module we will look at how you can build a winning team in your business today.

We all say that “people are our greatest asset” and we all know that teams are generally more successful in achieving outcomes than individuals working alone. So why is it that most small business leaders are so bad at building teams?

I want to look at those issues in this small business coaching video:

Key points from the video:

  • Building a team is about creating a specific type of culture in a business.
  • There needs to be a clear understanding of authority, you need to empower people to make decisions and take responsibility, you need to celebrate success and you need to establish clear decision making lines as the basis of organizing people to work together
  • Getting people to work together successfully is the key.
  • It is hard to build teamwork into your business culture.
  • We all know that it can be really wearing when you have to spend your time trying to get a bunch of people to work together harmoniously and productively once poor morale and conflict set in.
  • That is where we often give up and revert to the old ways of doing business – to rely on individuals doing tasks and you making all the decisions and making sure people do things your way.
  • You need to hang tuff and push through the pain because your life will never be any better than when you lead a winning team!
  • So how can you move your employees away from being a group of individuals, and into working as a team?
  • Coaching module looks at two aspects of team building
    • Understand the dynamics of team building
    • Develop the skills to build and sustain an effective team
  • Why is team building important?
    • Improve productivity, motivation, retention and of course, your bottom line
  • Why is team building difficult?
    • You are dealing with humans!
    • Working as individuals is easier
    • Risk of internal conflict is higher in teams than in individual work silos – although perhaps it is just more visible when people are working in teams
    • You need to be a leader and a great team member first
  • There are three basic elements of team building
    • Get the business culture focused on team work
      • Leadership group to buy into collaboration as “the way we do things here”
      • Involve the team to build the new culture based around collaboration – maybe look at an internal Team Advisory Board
      • Clear communication throughout the business supporting teamwork
      • Recognize and reward team work achievements
      • Celebrate successes
    • Get the business structure focused on team based processes
      • Teams need structure so everyone understands their roles and responsibilities
      • Document an organization structure that clearly shows where teams exist and interact as well as roles within those teams
      • Set up clear communication channels within teams and between teams
      • Encourage effective delegation and empower staff to take responsibility
      • Set up team based reward structures but make sure you can identify those not contributing fully
      • Take extreme care in developing an incentive plan so you can get the best from individual performance and team based outcomes
    • Get yourself right by developing strong team leadership skills
      • Your leadership skills will be the most important factor in you be able to build a winning team
      • You need to walk the walk with your staff and leave any autocratic leadership traits behind
      • Ultimately decisions are yours to make but you need to collaborate through a process to reach the decision
      • Understand how to manage conflicts between and within teams and build systems, process and culture to manage the conflicts into the future
    • Summary
      • Businesses perform best when they harness the power of winning teams
      • People are the greatest asset in any business – don’t just make it a cliché in your business
      • You need to change your attitude before your team does
      • Winning teams aren’t created using one day team building camps – you need to create a culture and a structure that promotes and sustains team work as a core element of your business model

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