How GSA Schedule Contract Helps Small Businesses To Prosper

Every entrepreneur wants their startup to develop into a big enterprise.

Easier said than done, unless they have good connections with the business fraternity! Networking and recommendations are keys to success in today’s highly competitive business world. Bagging a federal contract is certainly the best option for small businesses to establish their presence and to get the money flowing in. But such opportunities are hard to come by, given that federal agencies hire only certified contractors to meet their multifarious service requirements. With a GSA Schedule Contract in your company portfolio, you can drive your business on the road to success.

8a Certification Small Business

Getting Started With GSA  – An Overview

The US government in collaboration with the General Service Administration (GSA) has come up with an initiative especially to help small firm owners achieve business success. It is named the GSA Schedule Contract program. This program enables small businesses to offer their goods and services to federal agencies. By acquiring such contracts, small business owners can secure a long-term income source for their enterprise, get introduced to other federal agencies and in turn get recommended for their work and thereby turn one government contract into a few others. The average time required to secure a GSA Contract is approximately 8-9 months.

According to market research experts, a company can only be benefitted from a GSA schedule contract if it has more than 2 years of government contracting expertise, either as a subcontractor or a prime contractor. Moreover, the company should have the potential to invest around USD 80K to 130 K to secure a federal contract.

A GSA Schedule Contract helps businesses to establish a wide network of professional contacts within the government contracting community which in turn lead them to prosperity. By availing this federal government supported program, small businesses can secure a number of benefits. We have discussed 3 major advantages here –

3 Top benefits of becoming a GSA Contract holder

  • Reduces Your Business Competition

Bagging a GSA Contract for your company will keep you way ahead of your business competitors. Without a GSA Schedule Contract your company would be competing with all non GSA holders as well as GSA contract holders for clinching a federal agency contract. On the other hand, with a GSA Schedule approval you will only compete with contractors who are approved by the General Service Administration. So that gives you an upper hand to start with!

  • Minimizes the overhead costs for businesses


How? Without GSA Schedule approval businesses have to bid on as many job opportunities, publicly posted, as possible. As competition is fierce, securing a business deal with any federal agency without having a GSA Schedule is almost next to impossible. But once your company secures a GSA Contract you can minimize your overhead costs e.g. by reducing the frequency of writing business proposals, as now you need not bother about other job opportunities! Being a GSA contract holder you’re entitled to bid for federal jobs and given preference over non-GSA Contract holders. So cheer up!

  • Closes a deal fast


The days of countless cold calls and follow ups, never-ending meetings and presentations are over, once your company secures a GSA Schedule Contract. In fact GSA contract holders can close a federal job deal in a few weeks time!

The above is just a handful among a list of other benefits that your company can benefit from GSA Schedule Contract!  Don’t stay waiting, get in the queue and get your business listed in the elite list of GSA Contract holders.


Author Bio:

Adriana Sopi is a professional business writer and small business mentor. She has authored a number of highly regarded business articles on 8a certification small business success. Here she offers her expertise by giving an overview of the GSA Schedule Contract Program and discussing 3 top benefits of availing a GSA Contract for businesses.

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