Don’t Sweat It: Key Steps To Hiring Employees

In most sectors of the job market, even entry positions are highly competitive. A recent article in the New York Times reported that wages are on the rise as unemployment in our country is less than 5%. Employers must be picky. To choose the ideal candidate for a position, it is up to the human resource manager and other members of the hiring team to have a dedicated plan. With proper screening, interviewing, and background checks, a candidate can be found who will be an ideal fit. If you are a hiring manager, here are some tips for getting the right employee for the job:

Create A Job Definition Before Hiring An Employee

Doing a job analysis is the first step before hiring an employee. This data will provide you with information about the duties, skills, responsibilities, and other fine points of a certain job. You can use the job analysis to create the new employee’s job description. It will serve as a convenient recruiting strategy for hiring the right person. A job description is not a legal document; however, it is an extremely useful tool for managers and employees.

Develop An Employee Recruiting Strategy

When the job description has been formalized, all those who are involved in hiring the new employee should meet for a recruiting planning session. This meeting should be led by the hiring manager. The recruiting strategy can be activated once its planning is complete. If time permits, the hiring team should meet in person. If this is a group of people who have worked together in the past, they may get the job done by using email.

Create a Checklist for Employee Hiring

You can systemize your hiring process if you create a checklist. It works for one employee or a group of employees who will be hired. All of your recruiting efforts will be organized by this checklist. It keeps your recruiting work on track and shares progress to authorized personnel and the hiring manager.

Create a Recruitment Pool for Potential Hires

Through networking, you can develop professional relationships with candidates before you have a hiring need. After you and your team have created the job description, you can reach out to different areas that have candidates with the necessary qualifications. A technology staffing agency is an ideal place to find potential candidates who have already been screened.

Carefully Review Credentials and Resumes

You may receive hundreds of resumes and cover letters for a single job posting. The reviewing job will be easier if you use your job description as a check-list. It will provide all of the characteristics and qualifications for the job. All you have to do is compare the potential candidates’ information to the checklist. You can quickly sort the qualified applicants from those who are not. You will soon have a short list to consider for interviews.

Prescreen Your Potential Candidates

While someone’s credentials may be impeccable on paper, you may get a different impression during a phone interview. This is a time when you can get a feel for the person’s expectations and salary requirements. A prescreening interview saves the hiring committee a lot of time by choosing the best potential people for the job.

Ask The Right Kind of Questions In the Actual Interview

After resumes are reviewed and candidates are qualified with a pre screening, the interview will be the main deciding factor in hiring a particular person. The right kinds of questions will allow you to know the candidates better, so you can divide the superior candidates from the average ones. Finding the strengths of potential candidates will give you an idea of how they will work out as an employee.

Do Careful Reference/Background Checks

It may seem hard to believe, but there are professionals who are dishonest on their resumes. You can also get a better picture of the candidates when you talk to professional references who have known them for a long time. You may even find that a desirable candidate has a past criminal record. All of these things are imperative to discover before the hiring process goes any further.

Make The Job Offer

Usually, the hiring team and the chosen candidate will verbally negotiate conditions of hiring. Before the new employee starts, he or she should receive a formal job offer letter that confirms the verbal agreement for benefits and salary. Higher positions may also include agreements about contract termination, bonuses, severance pay, stock options, or other fringe benefits.


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  • Doing a careful reference check is so important to this process. When I worked in recruiting, I felt the reference checks could tell you so much about a person.

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