Do you even know if your ads suck?

Hands up if you run ads for your business.

Keep them up if you know whether they suck or whether they have reached Super Bowl status for you.

Anyone who still has their hands in the air – congratulations…you are exceptional and we can all learn a lot from you. If you’re a member of Your Business Coaching Club, please log in and share your wisdom with our online global business community.

For the rest of us mere mortals, the world of advertising just seems like a mysterious game that we have to play but find it hard to learn the rules, and we never seem to get handed the hacks to success.

I’ve got three quick tips for you to use to run successful advertising campaigns as part of your marketing strategy.

Tip 1 – make sure you know what you’re actually trying to achieve with the advert, how you will measure the response rate and what level of response will be considered a success.

Tip 2 – make sure you have an effective call to action in the ad. Without a call to action you have no way of driving a response, never mind measuring the response.

Tip 3 – never stop testing to improve results. I don’t care how successful you think an ad is for you, it can always be improved. Tweak, measure, assess, change, tweak, measure, assess, change…..over and over again.

We talk about marketing strategies a lot because they are critical to your business success.

Make sure you apply the strategies you learn in the marketing coaching modules and seek feedback on your issues from other members in the Forum and Masterclass sessions.



Craig Ridley

Founder – Your Business Coaching Club


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