Creating A Sales System For Small Business Success

This small business coaching video looks at how you can systemize your sales process to significantly improve your sales performance.

What I Cover In The Coaching Module

  • The sales function and why some people are not comfortable with it.
  • Why it is ultimately an internal process that you must systemize like everything else in your business, and how you can do this.
  • Some key selling strategies.
  • Ways to manage the sales process.

Key Messages

  • Every business needs to make sales to survive
  • You can’t outsource your sales function – you need to manage it internally
  • Hiring sales staff doesn’t have to be expensive – rely on low base salaries and higher incentives to match costs with success
  • Learn from your best sales people and document what they do to create your system
  • Train your staff to use the sales system to leverage results (what if you can increase sales by 10% per sales person?)
  • Make sure you measure sales results and keep improving the system based on performance
  • Look for cross sell and upsell opportunities as discussed in our 5 step business growth system
  • Manage your sales leads with a CRM
  • Track conversion rates
  • Keep in front of sales systems improvements – eg eCommerce, social media, bank supplied “big data” analytics

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