Young Dumb & Broke – Perfect Time To Start A Business

Mark emailed me with a good question last week. “Craig, when is the best time to start a business? Should I get some experience working first? Do I need heaps of money?” There’s probably 3 questions there but, hey, let’s not get pedantic! Starting a business is definitely not risk free – there is absolutely…

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How To Start A Business And Survive The First Two Years

startup small business

Everyone has thought about running their own business, and the benefits of being your own boss, taking holidays and being in charge. But, in reality, creating and maintaining a successful business is hard. It has been revealed that 80% of new businesses fail within the first two years, so if you’re considering starting a business…

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Starting a Home-Based Business

Preparation is the key to starting a successful home based business. You might have an excellent idea or a dream you want to follow, but first, you need to be rigorous and very honest with yourself. Below are the key areas you should consider. First Steps What are my talents? Successful business people, home-based or…

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Taxes and Your Small Business

Like it or not, every small business owner needs to deal with tax rules at some point, and the more successful you become, the more important it becomes to have good tax management strategies in place. In this article by guest writer Valerie Jocums we look at some of the basic tax concepts you need…

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The Importance of a Clean Home Office

This guest post from Ankush highlights one of those small tasks that happen around you when you work in an office but fall to you to organise when you work from home. Who is going to keep your home office clean if you don’t do it? Almost one in seven people work from home nowadays…

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8 Reasons Visual Elements Are Essential For Start-Up Business

Surprisingly, many small business still do not own an effective website! In this article, guest writer Anna Rodriguez explains why the visual elements of your website are at least as important as the content. There is no overstating the importance of an online presence in running businesses effectively. If your business, regardless of size, is…

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Rising Restaurant: How to Succeed in the Hardest Business Known to Man

If you are looking to startup a small business in the restaurant industry, this guest post from Hannah Whittenly points out some of the key things you need to focus on to make sure you do not become one of the business failure statistics! It should come as no surprise to any entrepreneur that the…

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Cheapest Ways to Promote Your Business Start-Up

small business promotion plan

All small business owners look for cheap and effective ways to promote their business. It is even more critical for business start-ups. In this guest post from Ryan Duffy he outlines 4 very easy and cheap marketing options for you to consider. A well-known fact when it comes to running a business is that it…

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