How To Run An Effective Promotions Strategy For Your Small Business

In this small business coaching video I want you to overcome the merry go round syndrome many small business owners fall for when running their promotion campaigns. I want you to be able to plan your promotions properly, align them to your marketing strategy and know when to use the different types of promotions. Watch…

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How Minimalism in Marketing Creates Maximum Impact

A trend over the past few years has been to take a minimalist approach to presenting your small business marketing messages. Guest blogger Kathryn Esper from Factor Finders, LLC explains how you can implement this marketing strategy in your business, while I have made the following business coaching video to give you some examples of…

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Your Business Plan Is Your Road Map To Success

If you want to be successful as a small business entrepreneur you are going to have to bite the bullet and find some time to develop a winning business plan. Way too many business owners run away from this vital part of your business life. Don’t you follow the crowd and stagger aimlessly through your…

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Case Study – How To Increase Profit And Sale Value Of A Fitness Training Business

This post is a summary of a video workshop presented to our coaching club members where we take a detailed look at how you can increase profits and maximize the sale value of a fitness training or personal training business. In the workshop we look at a case study where a member business developed a…

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Creating A Sales System For Small Business Success

This small business coaching video looks at how you can systemize your sales process to significantly improve your sales performance. What I Cover In The Coaching Module The sales function and why some people are not comfortable with it. Why it is ultimately an internal process that you must systemize like everything else in your…

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4 Social Media Marketing Strategies Small Business Owners Must Understand

Digital Marketer released a useful “10 Minute Social Media Audit” tool Provides a different view on social media advertising strategies. 4 social media strategies identified: Social listening Social influencing Social networking Social selling Each strategy can be used to meet a specific business goal Digital Marketer report indicated that many businesses found during the audit…

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How To Build A Winning Team In Your Small Business

build a winning team

In this small business coaching module we will look at how you can build a winning team in your business today. We all say that “people are our greatest asset” and we all know that teams are generally more successful in achieving outcomes than individuals working alone. So why is it that most small business…

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Managing Your Cash Flow Effectively Is The Key To Long Term Business Success


We talk about a lot of business clichés on this site and one of those is definitely the one that says that cash is king. But most small business owners would say that profit is their first priority in planning their business success. So who is right? Is profit more important than cashflow to you…

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