Business Warfare: 4 Guerilla Tactics That Lead to Victory

Sometimes you need to take some extreme actions to successfully compete as a small business in a large market. Guest writer Rachelle Wilber gives us some examples of guerilla business tactics you may look to use on eday.

In the business world of today, competition is very intense. With more and more businesses competing for the same customers, the tactics used to help companies succeed have gotten more extreme in recent years. Because in most cases guerilla business tactics involve a small company challenging a larger one, it’s clear that in order to gain a greater share of the consumer market, the rules of the game need to be changed. If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to lead your business to victory, here are four guerilla tactics that can get you and your business to the next level.

Selective Price Cuts

As most businesses know, the quickest way to get the attention of customers is to cut prices. The good thing about cutting prices is that it supports the economy because it allows more goods and services to be equally available to more consumers. Lower prices means the economy is doing well and is healthy. However, for small businesses to gain a competitive edge on larger businesses, it takes selective price cuts to truly make a difference. Because larger businesses have the advantage of volume pricing, small businesses must rely on selective price cuts to not only keep current customers, but also attract new ones as well.

Stealing Key Personnel

One of the most effective ways for small businesses to gain a competitive edge is to steal key personnel from their larger competitors. In many cases, enticing executive personnel to jump ship can not only result in great strides for the smaller business, but also give them key insights into the business strategies of their competitors. To take full advantage of this strategy, many businesses partner with executive search firms to target specific people within organizations, allowing them to narrow their focus and achieve the best results.

Earning a Business Degree

To learn some of the latest and most effective guerilla business tactics, earning a business degree can go far toward helping a business reach the top. By earning a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership, managers within a company can utilize various strategies that have proven successful over the years, enabling a business to succeed at a much faster pace.

Promotional Activities

Along with the above-mentioned tactics, many businesses use intense periods of promotional activities to get the attention of customers. Often centered around various holidays or special occasions, these activities can include buy one, get one free offers, giving away gift cards, or contests for customers to win trips or other prizes.

By using these tactics, companies engaged in business warfare can not only get ahead of the competition, but be assured they can stay there for many years to come.

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