Business Lessons From Thor Ragnarok

Before we start I just need to tell you there are some Thor spoilers in this post.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, and you just must, maybe you need to click away from here right now….but come back later!

Anyway, just got back from watching Thor Ragnarok with my 13 year old, Marvel Studios fanatic son and I am so pumped. From the Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song to open the show, to Chris Hemsworth’s ripped body, to Hulk’s big green naked butt (yep…they went there!) and to the writers finally injecting humour into the franchise (jeez the other Thor movies have been sooooo boring) this was a great movie. Do yourself a favour and get ye to the cinema quick smart!

But, as well as an adrenaline rush, I also walked away with a few business lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Your business is not the building, equipment or stock – your business is your people and for as long as you have staff and customers, you have your business
  • You don’t need a gimmick to be successful – Thor’s hammer was just a tool to focus his energy but the real power comes from within you as the entrepreneur, so stop chasing magic solutions to problems and shiny new things to create opportunities….trust in yourself
  • Don’t blindly trust the family members you work with, although they may well be there to save your backside in the end
  • You can avoid it for as long as you like but eventually, the leader needs to lead. Don’t delegate your authority completely…you are the best one to lead your people (your staff and your customers) to success

Thank you Thor for these epic insights!

Can’t wait for the next Star Wars movie to be released now….roll on December.



Craig Ridley

Founder – Your Business Coaching Club


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