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If you are looking to increase sales, improve profit, grow your business, create wealth and get your personal life back….this is the business coaching program you have been looking for. Watch my personal video to you and discover what my coaching program has to offer.

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You can watch this video on my YouTube channel if you prefer – How To Improve Profit

On this page you will find my full small business coaching program.

Each module will direct you to a blog post that will summarise the key issues you need to be aware of and then direct you to my detailed coaching resources including eBooks, workshops and cheat sheets.

Work through the modules at your own pace but most importantly…..take some action! Knowledge is nothing if you don’t use it.

Best wishes for your business success.

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The starting point for my business improvement program is to understand the Profit – Growth – Wealth cycle of business ownership and business success.

If you haven’t already done so, register for my FREE business coaching club membership and work through my complimentary 10 part video series where I show you:

  • The Profit – Growth – Wealth pathway to success
  • The 5 steps to profit improvement
  • The 7 deadly wastes
  • How to build the framework for a high performance business
  • How to analyse your current business model
  • The rules for creating wealth from your business
  • How to value your business for sale
  • How to calculate your retirement needs
  • How to develop your own Profit – Growth – Wealth plan


High Performance Business Model


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Once you understand my Profit Growth Wealth business coaching cycle, you are ready to start the full business improvement program. Watch this video to see how this coaching program can work for you:

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Are you ready to start?

The DIY modules are listed below. You can check out our Gold Membership offer by clicking here and you can learn more about our monthly business coaching club by clicking here.

Module 1 – The 5 Step System To Building Massive Business Growth

Learn the five things that successful and high profit businesses focus on to apply in your own business to make sure you get the success you deserve. Follow the 18 step by step tutorials in this business coaching module and learn how tiny 5% improvements to your 5 key profit drivers could increase your profit by 75% and your business value by more than 100%. I will show you a real life case study that achieved just that!

5 Step System For Massive Growth

Check out my blog post on the 5 step system

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Module 2 – How To Grow Your Business With Unique Core Differentiators

To successfully compete, your business needs to be seen to be unique in some way. You need to give your customers a reason to buy from you. In this coaching module we will help you develop your Unique Core Differentiators to increase sales to your ideal customer type, to massively improve your return on marketing effort and reduce the need to compete on price alone.

How To Make Your Business Unique

Check out my blog post on unique core differentiators

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Module 3 – Approaching Marketing Strategically

Marketing can be an expensive activity for any business, but without it your business will not grow. In this coaching module we will show you how to laser target your marketing efforts to make sure you are always seen to be offering the right product at the right price at the right time to the right customer – pure marketing perfection!

Approaching Marketing Strategically

Check out my blog post on strategic marketing

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Module 4 – Learn To Work On Your Business Rather Than Just In It

Work On Your Business

Check out my blog post on working on your business

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