Become a Better Leader by Leading by Example

Leadership In Small Business

Pretty much everywhere we look; it seems that the conventional ideas about exactly what makes a leader are shifting. Even in small business we are beginning to see a very different model of leadership develop.

While the traditional model is triangular with a ‘big chief’ at the top, supported by the base of lower to mid-level employees, nowadays you are seeing more of a square model where it appears that all sides support each other, encouraging leadership from every angle.

It is more and more important to cultivate the leadership capacities of each team member in order for your business to succeed with this different model.

So just what is modern leadership?

Leadership is a combination of both natural and acquired talents. Great leaders aim to define vision whilst simultaneously stimulating others. Becoming a better leader requires energy and commitment.

You can easily identify the essential attributes of a leader – they are bold, risk-taking, decision-making individuals who listen attentively, engage others and are known to be trustworthy and respected.

You need to embody these types of qualities to be truly effective as a leader.

It is important to keep in mind that the “Do as I say, not as I do” philosophy now seems doomed to failure in the modern business world – you need to employ the “Do as I do” philosophy these days in order to fire up your team’s motivation.

When you lead by example it paints a realistic picture of just what is possible, making it easier for others to follow your lead.

Different team members commonly need different types of leadership. Understand your people and fine-tune your style so that it best facilitates their learning and their performance. Gather feedback from your team so that you can more effectively modify your leadership approach.

Leadership can not be forced – in order to enjoy the benefits; you need to make the upfront investment in effectively training and educating your team. Think of your role more as a coach first, then as a boss second. This mindset helps foster the teamwork model and places less stress on the traditional ‘you vs. them’ model.

This kind of shared, self-directed leadership provides each of your team members with a voice. One that is valued and looked at credibly.

Effective leadership will breed a high degree of confidence in your team which will in turn drive a high performance business culture and will spill over into an improved financial outcome driven by increased sales, improved profit and continuous business growth.

Is it time you started to lead by example?
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  • Craig

    Reply Reply March 5, 2013

    Thanks Kimberly – just another example of how things are always changing. A business owner now needs to be a true leader rather than just the boss.

  • Kimberly Kline

    Reply Reply March 5, 2013

    Fantastic article Craig! I love the idea of a “square” model instead of triangular! It is obvious that even great leaders cannot be strong in everything. Opening up your “leadership” role to include more minds and talents is the perfect way to get the best of what everyone has to offer!

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