Are You Too Busy To Be A Small Business Success?

In this guest post by John Nasaye we remind you that you need to find some life balance if you want to become a real small business success. It is not alright to say you are too busy for life. Here are 7 tips you need to take to heart!

Being too busy is not inevitable, and you must not confuse activity with productivity. The state of being busy is slowly becoming the default state for many of us, and it might as well replace our usual greetings or salutations. “Hi. How are you?” “Busy!”

Entrepreneurs are particularly prone to working excessively long hours to get their businesses off the ground and into new heights. However, we must ask ourselves whether the state of being too busy is improving our work and lives in any way. Working too many hours a day can be detrimental to your overall productivity.

Therefore, we ought to take deliberate steps to make ourselves become “unbusy.”

Here are 7 guidelines:

1.Stop glorifying busyness

Many people wear the state of being too busy as a badge of honor. They take pride in being unavailable and creating a deluded sense of importance. Business success also involves careful planning and thoughtful action. These can only be achieved when your mind is at its peak and certainly not when you are handling 50 things at the same time.

After all, busyness directed at the wrong pursuits is in many ways, similar to failure. It inevitably becomes a limiting factor to your full potential. It is not okay to be too busy.

2.Revisit your priorities

Take back control over your priorities and pursuits in your work and your own life. Becoming too busy is often a case of misplaced priorities. It happens when you relinquish control and just go along with the occurrences of your life and succumbing to anything that changes your direction.

Find out what is important to you and where you can make the most contribution. Then schedule your time around those activities or contributions.

3.Schedule and appreciate rest

Many great inventions such as the discovery of DNA, The Periodic Table, the sewing machine needle, among other great ideas had one thing in common; they came up to the inventors when they were asleep or not working.

We often fail to appreciate the value of a good rest and many times consider it to be a waste of time. However, your body and your mind require some downtime to renew itself and function properly. Set aside a minimum of one day for full rest and catching up with your family and friends. Block out this day intentionally and guard it ferociously.

4.Own fewer possessions

Our possessions take up far more energy and mental headspace than we realize. They also require cleaning and maintenance, which takes up a lot of time that we would otherwise use productively. Therefore, the more you own, the more time you need to spend cleaning, organizing, maintaining, and even thinking about those same things.

5.Regularly use the word “NO”

We hardly ever achieve anything because we always like to disperse our efforts towards many things. In fact, some personal development experts have argued that the secret to effectiveness may lie in that word “NO.” If you can learn how to say no to the less important commitments, you would open yourself up for the meaningful pursuits. The more time and effort is expended to the important pursuits, the more likely the chances of success.

6.Make out some free time in your daily routine

No matter how busy your day turns out, you can always make some brief moments of relaxation. You can find some opportunities for short breaks in between your meetings or projects. It can be as simple as taking time out for lunch or sitting quietly in the morning before starting your day. Instead of being too busy to even breath, start cultivating small moments of personal space and margins in your otherwise eventful day.

7.Being too busy is a choice

The sooner you realize this, the better for you and your mental health. Getting swamped is often a result of our own decisions. No one really arm-twists you into a lifestyle of busyness. At the end of the day, we determine our schedules, at least to the extent that we can influence them. Therefore, make a deliberate choice to rearrange your schedule accordingly and strike out anything that is not deeply meaningful to our lives or is not furthering your goals.

We all have a choice, and no one has to live a busy life.  Busy does not necessarily equate to productivity.


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