We Transformed His Business From An Unprofitable, Debt Stricken, Cash Strapped, Time Consuming Monster To A Business That Ran Smoothly And Profitably Without My Client Having To Spend Much Time Working


Craig Ridley here.

I’m not going to bore you with my childhood story here or anything but like many  I was brought up by my parents to get a good job. Settle down. And save for retirement without taking too many risks.

Starting a business was the LAST thing in my parent’s minds.

I dutifully went through school and university and qualified as an accountant. I joined a professional firm and worked hard to develop a successful career which included becoming a partner in a leading Australian accounting practice.

During my 25 years as an accountant, I have been fortunate to work with many VERY successful business people and have always been interested in learning WHY some business were successful and some weren’t.

The honest truth is that,

Most Business Owners Were Working Too Hard, For Too Little Reward, And Had Too Few Options To Exit The Business When They Were Finished

It seemed like most of my clients in many different industries simply went through the motions day after day… and treated their business like a JOB -(and a job they did not like at that!)

One day one of my favorite clients confessed that he felt as though he was a failure in his business life.

And he just couldn’t bring himself to admit this fact to his family, who all looked up to him as the “Big Man,” the big provider, the successful son.

He was at a very low point and believed he had nowhere to go.

What he needed was someone he trusted to hold his hand and help him work through his problems.

At that moment I knew I had to STEP UP to the plate and provide the guidance he needed.

My years of training as an accountant and exposure to the good, the bad and the ugly in the business world could finally be used for good – rather than the boring (shuffling paper and lodging tax returns).

Over the next year the two of us transformed his business from an unprofitable, debt laden, cash strapped, time consuming, energy sapping monster to one that ran smoothly and profitably without my client having to spend much time working in the business.

My Client Got His Life Back, Maintained His Family’s Sense Of Pride, And Most Importantly Restored His Pride In Himself.

What did we do?

We looked at the business strategically and objectively.

We rebuilt the business as if we had just bought it as a new project.

We started with a profit improvement program to increase sales, improve profit margins and retain cash in the business.

Once we had restored profitability we focused on growing the business by building an effective team empowered to make decisions aligned to the overall vision for the business.

We created efficient systems and processes to maximize the potential of the business.

We actively made changes designed to remove my client from his own business so he could get away and the business would run, grow, and profit on autopilot.

At The End Of This Process, My Client Spent Less Than 1 Day A Week In His Own Business.

He drew substantial profit dividends on a regular basis.

He created significant personal wealth away from the business as well as in the value of the business, and most importantly was a much, much happier man.   The 18 months I spent on this project was life changing.

I Now Had A Clear Set Of Step-By-Step Plans To Create A High Performance Business That Delivered Strong Profits, Continuous Growth And The Successful Lifestyle All Business Owners Want.

I learned exactly what worked and what didn’t.

I thought to myself “does this really work, or did I just get lucky?”

So I took my new learning’s and systems, I applied it to my years of commercial experience and pursued a new career as a successful business advisor.

And I worked in so many industries, from online business to traditional offline business, from construction to jewelry. You name it I worked on it.

And each business got very similar results to the first.

Profits increased while  the time the business owner spent in the business decreased.

So as you maybe have guessed I am no longer the stereotypical boring accountant…

I am now teaching what I know all over the world, making real differences in the business and personal lives of my online and offline clients.

I have now finally taken my my 25 years of experience, the best of my tried and tested methods, techniques and systems, and put it all into a step by step online business coaching system.

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To your continued business success

Craig Ridley Singature