4 Social Media Marketing Strategies Small Business Owners Must Understand

Digital Marketer released a useful “10 Minute Social Media Audit” tool

Provides a different view on social media advertising strategies.

4 social media strategies identified:

  • Social listening
  • Social influencing
  • Social networking
  • Social selling

Each strategy can be used to meet a specific business goal

Digital Marketer report indicated that many businesses found during the audit that they are only using 1 or 2 of the 4 strategies

May only be getting a 25% leverage on the full power of social media

Strategy 1 – Social Listening

  • Monitoring and responding to customer service and reputation management issues on the social web
  • Can be used to manage reputation, increase customer retention, reduce refunds, identify product and content gaps

Strategy 2 – Social Influencing

  • Establishing authority on the social web through the distribution of valuable content
  • Can be used to increase customer engagement, increase website traffic, increase awareness of products & services

Strategy 3 – Social Networking

  • Associating with influential people and brands on the social web
  • Can be used to develop strategic partnerships with influencers and increase profile through interviews, mentions in blogs and invitations to speak at events

Strategy 4 – Social Selling

  • Using the social web to generate leads and sales from existing customers and prospects
  • Can be used to increase email lists, encourage new customer contact, cross sell and up sell products and increase buyer frequency

Social Media Audit Strategy

  • Review the last 10 updates on each social media channel
  • Classify the update as one or more of the 4 strategies discussed
  • Does this achieve the business goals you are trying to achieve?
  • If not…..time to make some changes!

Digital Marketer Course

  • See link below for course offered by Digital Marketer to improve your social media marketing results
  • I have no affiliate link to this but should show it to be fair


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