3 Ways to Automate Your Business in 2017

One of the best things about leveraging the power of technology for your business is having the ability to automate specific tasks and processes. Computers can do more for us now than ever before, meaning you can likely automate many of the things you need to do on a regular basis.

Time is a resource that is always in limited supply, but you can essentially ‘create’ more time simply by automating your business processes.

In this article, we are going to look at three specific ways in which you can automate your business in 2017.

By integrating these methods into your standard business practices, you should be able to get more done in the average day. The goal in business is always the same – greater revenues and fewer expenses.

By using these automation options, you just may be able to meet both of those missions in the year ahead.

1 Creating SOPs

The abbreviation SOP, as you may know, stands for ‘standard operating procedure’. Basically, an SOP is anything that you plan on doing in the same manner, time after time for months or years to come.

By taking the time to develop detailed SOPs, you can avoid making the same decisions and solving the same problems over and over again. Once you have determined the best way to complete a specific task, an SOP should be created in order for that task to be completed the same way each and every time.

Folding technology into your SOPs is as simple as picking out a software or application which can execute on your established SOPs. Not all SOPs will be able to be turned over to technology, of course, but you should be able to rely on computers to do much of the work that you would have previously done yourself.

Once you have SOPs in place for most of your routine functions, be sure to revisit them from time to time to ensure they are still relevant. Even the best SOPs will need to be revised occasionally in order to continue to serve the company well into the future.

2 Having Micro CEOs

When you think about a CEO, you think about a person who holds a powerful position, often at the top of a large company. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. What if you could have a company full of ‘micro CEOs’, all working equally hard to achieve success? By turning your employees into micro CEOs of your company, you just may be able to get their best effort day after day.

Of course, in order to create such an environment, your employees need to have a motivation to care about the success of the company as a whole. The actual CEO is usually motivated by things like a large salary and stock options – similarly, employees who are empowered to win bonuses and earn promotions may feel like the CEO of their own responsibilities.

A shift of the traditional way of thinking will be necessary to develop this micro CEO environment, but it can be a powerful experience when it does take place.

3 Automating Your Lead Generation

Lead generation has always been an important topic in business. It may get more attention today because of its importance in the world of internet marketing, but generating leads has been key to success in business for centuries.

You need people to purchase your products or services if you are going to make money, and those people always start out simply as leads.

In 2017, we now have the technology available to automate much of the lead generation process, thereby making it possible to have a steady stream of solid leads heading in your direction at all times.

There are a number of ways in which you can automate the lead generation process in today’s high-tech world. One such example is using software which will review social media activity to look for potential leads for your business. It would not be practical for you to manually look through thousands of posts and profiles to find people who match your target market, but a quality piece of software can easily handle that task. Once such tool is Socedo, which can check social media on your behalf before returning potential leads.

How are you planning to automate your operations in 2017? What steps do you think you can take to save time while increasing productivity?

The three ideas above are only just a small sample of what is possible when work to automate the overall process of running your company each day. Good luck, and here’s to spending less time in the office while making more money than ever before!


Jeremy Friedman is part of Greenwing Technology. It serves the small to medium size suppliers that need help integrating with the major procurement software providers.

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  • I really like the concept of a micro CEO. I know my husband’s company has profit sharing for some of their employees and I feel that in their case it helps to motivate the employees. I’d love to see some other case studies regarding this.

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