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Thanks for attending our Profit Growth Wealth webinar.

We hope you found it useful as you look for ways to become even more successful as a small business owner.

To reward you for registering for the webinar, we are pleased to make the following special offers to you.

As we outlined in the webinar some of these offers are strictly limited as we choose not to work with too many businesses at one time. It is important to us that we have the capacity to offer a quality service to all of our members who take up our special offers.

If you haven’t already registered for our FREE online business coaching program, you can do so by clicking here.

As a free member you will get immediate access to our Profit Optimizer Tool, you will be registered for our 5 year free email based business improvement program, and you will get immediate access to our eBook on surviving in an economic downturn.

Once you have joined our Free Members Club you will then be able to access our Members Only Offer to sign up for a professional Business SWOT Review using the Advisapedia Tool that I demonstrated in the webinar.

Click here to get more details on the SWOT Review and to access the member only offer. Note that for a short time only, if you sign up for a Professional SWOT Review I will also give you a complimentary upgrade to our monthly members club or our Gold MBA club. Click here for more details.

My final offer is to give you full access to me as your personal business coach. I am happy to work with you on one off assignments or to work through a full business improvement process from setting strategic plans to making sure you implement those plans and achieve real success.

Every business coaching assignment is unique and I suggest we start a conversation to determine your real needs, agree on a set fee arrangement and decide whether we can work together effectively. If you are looking for personalized business coaching support, click here for my coaching contact form and lets start a conversation.

Once again, thanks so much for attending this webinar.

I hope to see you become a member of our business coaching club in some form so I can continue to help you achieve your business goals.

To your business success.




Your Online Business Coach