Small Gestures of Employee Appreciation

The key element in a successful company and in running a good business is productive employees.  Even with good organization and leadership, a company cannot operate without its workers. It is like a well-oiled machine that runs around the clock and never stops. But take out a small cog out of that machine and the whole system stops. That’s why it’s important to have hardworking employees and to appreciate their contribution.

Good Management Means Quality Work

Work conditions and work environment are exceptionally important to employees. It’s also a foundation for effectiveness and an incentive for workers. To fully utilize the potential of this option, the company should have a clear and straightforward plan for management and human resources departments that will help coordinate employees and their productivity. With that in mind, adjusting the work environment and conditions to suit the needs of employees – in order to increase the efficiency of the overall progress – should be considered the first step in your management plan. It will not make a huge dent in company’s budget and it will pay off in the long run.

Always having an open communication with your employees is considered good management. Both praising them for a job well done and helping them correct their mistakes is all part of the job. Now, the trick here is to turn the conversation into motivation and not the other way around. If you congratulate an employee on completing the task in front of their co-workers it will boost their confidence. But if you scold them in a similarly public fashion, it will demoralize them, which is counterproductive. Individual conversations are a better approach when there’s an issue that has to be addressed, in order to avoid placing a single employee in an awkward situation. You should always respect your employees as individuals, and you will be respected in turn. Some people are harder to deal with than others. That’s why, as a good manager, you should always address the problems rather than avoiding them. Diplomatic solutions are far more effective than enforcing your authority. Therefore, good feedback is “grease for the wheels”.

Rewards Work Both Ways

To further invest into your employee’s constructiveness and continue on the path of good management you should come up with a reward system. By investing in your workers, you will also benefit from their growth. For example, some of your lower-level workers may be talented and competent but under-qualified to advance in your company. You may offer additional education via seminars or training courses that will improve their skills and give them means to be more productive. You should offer them the option for additional education to all your employees not just the ones with potential. This will give them the chance to gain new skills which could help them increase their work efficiency or help them later on in life. Another good way of making your workers happy is by offering them gifts for a successful completion of the project, or for a productive end of a year. Instead of picking gifts for each person separately, you can offer motivational Corporate prepaid gift cards instead.  Also, you can offer them discounts on the products you’re selling, or vacation vouchers. It’s entirely up to you to decide on the best course of action based on your company’s policy. Regardless, rewards will give your employees a sense of accomplishment and will inspire them further.

Human Resources to the Rescue

In order to keep track of your employee’s development and productivity, it’s important to have a good HR working closely with the management team. Gathering information on your employees is not considered spying on them. Rather it’s more like gaining insight on their overall mood or presence of any problems. However, your employees may perceive this information gathering as micromanagement which may put pressure on them. This is where HR comes in handy, because they can point out if there are any problems that may or may not be work-related and avoid micromanagement altogether. Therefore you can address the issues your employees might have outside work that are holding them back, and maybe even help them sort them out. This will ensure you have a stable and stress-free work environment for both you and your employees.


In summary, it is strongly advised to keep your employees satisfied. By reaching out to them and providing them with quality work conditions and a healthy work environment, you make sure they will do their job properly and effectively. In return, your company will prosper alongside everyone else.


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