Gold Membership Offer 2

Gold Membership Offer 2

How would you like an opportunity to turbo charge your business improvement process with a virtual MBA of Small Business?


OK, I understand that monthly memberships are not for everyone.

I also understand that as a business owner you probably like to make your own decisions and probably don’t see the value in getting a business coach involved in your business.

So what if I was to offer you immediate access to my complete library of business coaching modules?

What if my offer also gave you access to any future business coaching modules I develop ABSOLUTELY FREE?

And what if I priced this library at a fraction of the cost of buying each coaching module separately?

You will be getting immediate access to all of the business coaching resources I provide to my monthly members and I assure you these are some of the best business improvement strategies you will find anywhere.

What you don’t get is access to my personal coaching program to keep you focused on implementing the strategies to maximize your profit and business growth potential.

So if you want immediate access to my business coaching resources at a fraction of the normal cost, and if you want FREE access to every coaching module I develop in the future, now is the time to act.

Buy my complete business coaching library today for less than $5 per module


We are constantly adding new business coaching modules to our program and you will be given immediate access to every one of these modules absolutely free.


By the time we have fully built out Your Business Coaching Club there will be more than 60 coaching modules and yet you will never pay another dime.

That is the value advantage in getting in early.


And here’s a VERY small sample of what you’re going to learn.

  • Our proven 5 step system to achieving massive business growth that dramatically increases your profits and saves you hundreds of hours of time, energy, and work.
  • How to build a high performance business model that automatically creates new customers and profits that most business owners only get to day dream about.
  • Developing your unique core differentiators that will set you apart from your competition making it so your customers automatically see you as the ONLY solution to meet their needs which result in them easily and happily buying your products and services.
  • Approaching marketing strategically and why “random marketing” is the most inefficient way and will actually cost you money and time.
  • Working ON rather than IN your business just like the pros do when they build their multimillion dollar businesses.
  • Pricing strategies that get you the most out of every customer you have and your customer STILL feels like they got the better end of the deal.
  • Managing your cash flow so you know where your cash is, where it’s going, and how to have A LOT MORE of it.
  • Building a winning team that can expand the growth and profits of your business when done right (most business owners don’t get this right and can cost them a lot of wasted time and money).
  • How to improve your systems and processes so you can take more time off and your business not only continues to make money… it also GROWS.
  • Creating a sales system that runs on autopilot and most efficiently boosts profits in the easiest and fastest way.
  • Business planning in a way that most business owner don’t do – costing them time, energy, and money.
  • The exact formula of how to discover your next biggest opportunity to grow your business to the NEXT profit level and figure out the “holes” where your money could be falling right out of your pocket.
  • Making a promotions plan that actually works and get more customers to buy so you make more money.
  • Professionalizing the “family business” and turning it into a well-oiled money making machine that you can hand down from generation to generation.
  • Improve your marketing return on investment so you get paid fully for the time, energy, and work you put in.
  • Grooming your business for sale so when you’re ready to sell people will be competing over your business and pay you at least 2-3 times as much.
  • Selling solutions not products and why most business owners never get this and it cost them 100’s and 1,000’s of dollars that they could of easily had.
  • How to MAXIMIZE customer lifetime value and profitability and how these simple techniques can be the easiest thing to do to double your profits.
  • Key performance indicators and how to capitalize on them to create a fast growing and dominating business.
  • Getting the most out of your advertising and not spend your money on wasted ads that don’t perform and how to get the most out of your advertising to bring NEW profitable customers to your door every day.
  • How to hire the right people and get them productive FAST instead of slowing you down like most new employees usually do.
  • Develop and manage your brand so people see you as #1 in your market (because people love to buy from number one).
  • Leadership as a management tool to put you, your business, and team, on the four lane super highway to a fast growing profitable company that leaves any competitors in the dust.
  • Becoming customer centric to get your customer and prospective customers to AUTOMATICALLY buy from you over and over again resulting in you making MORE money with less effort.
  • Business interruption and risk management 2.0 techniques and systems that most business owners never know about that causes poor decisions and poor results and by learning this you can actually PROFIT from interruption and risks.
  • How to UNCOVER new sources of business and UNTAPPED profit to not only survive, but thrive in any economy.
  • Inventory management to easily know how much you have, where it’s going, and the exact specific things you need to know to take advantage of and grow your biggest opportunities into larger profits.
  • Sustaining competitive advantage so that you can be the DOMINANT force in the market that makes the most profit with the least effort.
  • Financial ratios: how to play the numbers game – and not letting the “game” play you… like most business owners suffer with.
  • Using the customer relationship formula so your customers become raving fans that buy from you over and over again… and tell OTHERS to buy form you resulting in an explosion of more profits just by using this one simple method.
  • Become a magnet to recruiting the right people and the certain traits to look for in stars that will expand your business with you doing little work or telling them what to do and avoid the “C players” that bring you, your business, and everyone around them down.
  • Managing your sales leads to track and capitalize on every dollar so you don’t have to do as much work and get paid more for it.
  • Time Management – the one thing you MUST master in today’s age, why this is actually killing business off, and how to be twice as productive and have more time for your family, friends, and things you love (and how by taking more time off you actually come back stronger and more productive).
  • How to avoid the perceived indifference disease that may be the reason more than 65% of your customers decide not to return to buy from you again.
  • Smart ways to control costs instead of costs controlling you taking money directly out of your pocket that didn’t have to be taken if you learn this simple system.
  • Classifying your customers is a little secret that your customers actually want you to do to make the relationship feel more personal and it will make them happy and excited to buy from you.
  • Developing a “Money aint everything” mindset to learn how to enjoy your business and not get sucked into being obsessed with it causing it to ruin the business, relationships, and loved ones (and how counter intuitively this actually makes you more money).
  • How to turn customer complaints into money by using this one simple easy to use technique.
  • Financial planning for Business Life Events and how to survive sudden and unexpected failures that no one thinks will ever happen to them.
  • Trade show and exhibition marketing – an untapped area that if you know how to use effectively you can sneak in extra profits with little or no work.
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail and yet most people still never plan (…even though it is one of the main reasons most businesses fail) and how to create a “ten-minute mini plan” that is easy to use and easily gets more customers and profits.
  • The power of word of mouth and how to strategically create it so you get FREE advertising and marketing, endorsed trust for you, and more profits WITHOUT selling anything.
  • Optimizing the value chain and how to do the things that make you the most money.
  • NEW business to business marketing techniques to achieve new success and profits that most business owners know nothing about.
  • Improving and protecting your credit rating instead of having the burden of bad credit scores and debt that can ruin a person’s life both personally and financially.
  • Crafting customer communications that automatically and instantly compel your customer to be EAGER and happy to buy from you and pay high prices for your products and services.
  • How to set yourself up to automatically get testimonials and referrals that get others to sell your products and service for you and when done right is the easiest way to “market” …. and costs you literally nothing.
  • Proven high performance internal control systems that run on autopilot so you can focus on the more important tasks and not be dragged into things that cost you time and money.
  • The “elevator speech” and how once you learn and use this you can get a clear message across to new customers that makes selling your products and services a simple and easy process.
  • Developing quality assurance processes to get the most out of your high performance business with the least work.
  • Features and benefits that your customers actually want to hear about so they can make the emotional and logical choice to buy your products and services.
  • A secret to using HR appraisals for effective performance management……sit back and fasten your seatbelt as your staff drive business growth.
  • Benchmarking to increase profitability and stay in front of your industry competitors.
  • Managing your accounts receivable to make sure you get paid faster than your competitors.
  • Developing an extraordinary guarantee that makes buying your products and services a “no-brainer” for your customer so you help more people and make more money.
  • Protecting against occupational fraud that can cause business owners and businesses to go bankrupt.
  • Using “outstanding offers” to win business, customers, profits, and build an easy to operate business that runs on its own.
  • Develop low-cost high-impact marketing strategies instead of what most business owners use (the opposite… high-cost low-impact marketing).
  • Downsizing as a cost cutting tool to make sure you keep making profit no matter what and much, much more…

Get immediate access to my complete business coaching library today

Let me recap on the offer I have just made to you…….and give you one last chance to consider your options……..

You can get immediate access to my complete business coaching library today for less than $5 per module – and remember that includes FREE access to every coaching module I develop in the future as well!.

If this offer is not attractive to you today, I suggest you at least register as a Free Member of Your Business Coaching Club and let me give you access to our introductory 10 module Profit Growth Wealth video series – click here for more details.

I am looking forward to having you join our Business Coaching Club – no matter what entry level you choose.





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