How To Run An Effective Promotions Strategy For Your Small Business

In this small business coaching video I want you to overcome the merry go round syndrome many small business owners fall for when running their promotion campaigns. I want you to be able to plan your promotions properly, align them to your marketing strategy and know when to use the different types of promotions.

Watch this business improvement video to learn how to run an effective promotions strategy in your small business.

Key messages:

  • Most businesses suffer from the promotions roller coaster of activity and inactivity
  • Too busy doing other stuff to make the business operate
  • Time lags make it difficult to turn the sales taps on at will – need to plan
  • Use promotions plan to even out the sales fluctuations and cycles and capitalise of seasonal events
  • Align promotions to your marketing strategy
  • Match activity to budgets
  • Understand all the offline and online promotional opportunities
  • Materials
  • Activities
  • Direct advertising
  • Monitor your results and aim for constant improvement
  • Set aside time for planning
  • Consider your overall marketing strategy and objectives
  • Map out the year
  • Make a list of marketing tactics
  • Match the tactics to the yearly features
  • Activate the plan and enjoy the benefits

Want more information? Access Module 10 of our small business MBA course and complete the coaching workshop – How to create an effective promotions plan for your small business.

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