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Advertising isn’t cheap but for any small business looking to increase sales, advertising is a necessary investment.

Most small business operations are not big on advertising simply because they cannot afford to do so. When small companies invest in that advertising it often fails, leaving the company poorer and still in the same situation. Though many business owners feel that advertising is a lost cause, it can be successful if the right marketing strategy is implemented.


What Advertising Can Do

Advertising can increase sales for any small business – if used properly. However, many business owners don’t understand what advertising can really do for them, such as:


  • Get information about a business out to potential customers listening, watching or reading where an advertisement is present
  • Create a potential response from customers (whether they buy or simply contact)
  • Leave potential customers with a lasting impression that can prompt them to act days, weeks or even months later


What Advertising Cannot Do

Advertising does not guarantee sales, nor will it physically sell any products or services that a small business is offering. Though advertising can gain a response from customers that response does not promise a sale for the company no matter what the response is.


The Call to Action Importance

Most failed advertising campaigns occur because the company is not using a call to action statement within their campaign. What is a call to action? A call to action is a message to the customer that urges them to act now such as call-in, stop by or even just visit a website.


Some businesses that use a call to action still find a lack of customer response. This is often the result of poor wording or confusing copy writing. The customer does not accurately get the call to action message and therefore the company does not receive a response.


Testing Advertisements

Before you run a new advertising campaign it should be tested. Many small business owners skip this step in order to save money, but without an accurate test group and survey response, there is no way to tell the accuracy and effectiveness of that campaign. To increase sales, a company should always test their advertising campaign on potential customers and current customers. This can be done with a trial run or by using a survey technique asking customers to volunteer to view an advertisement and give their response.


A Customer Response Goal

Every advertising campaign tested or not, should have a response goal listed on it. If the advertisement reaches its goal, it remains active. If the advertisement does not reach the response goal it is then removed and replaced with a new campaign. Most companies look for a 5 to 10% success rate. That means 5 to 10% of people that view the advertisement take action upon it.


Effective advertising will grow your business and increase sales. The bottom line is advertising is essential for any company, but will only be effective when used properly.

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