Grow Your Business With An Effective Unique Core Differentiator

For those of you who have not yet found your Unique Core Differentiator, it is about time you realize how effectively it will help you grow your business.

A UCD can make a world of difference when it comes to the success of your company. Why? A Unique Core Differentiator is something that will clearly articulate what makes your business different from the rest. You could include special things about your product or service, or even your business, but it needs to be something that will compel customers to buy from you.

In essence, a successful UCD will target the real buying concerns, the key frustrations and the benefits for your customers. Successful UCDs should also form the core of your business, permeating every area of the business operations in order to deliver on your promise of differentiation. To be effective, UCDs must also be communicated in all of your marketing activities.

Throughout the process of deciding on a great UCD you might want to ask the opinion of your customers. You’d be surprised just how helpful they can be. After all, your customers are the reason that your business stays afloat, so the one thing that you want to make sure of is that you are always fulfilling their needs and answering their questions so that they will come back to you, time and time again. Without that, you wouldn’t even have a business, never mind finding ways to grow your business.

First off, you will be on a different level than your competitors if you actually know why your customers decided to buy from you. Your perception of why those people buy from you and their opinion on the actual experience can be quite different. You want to ensure that the needs of your customers are being met – period.

This being said, you should ask your customers why they decided to purchase from you, and what difference they might have noticed between your business and other providers of the same product or service. This will allow you to understand a bit more about your competitors, what they are offering and how you stand out from them in the eyes of your customers.

You should also ask your customers about the top three things that mattered to them when they were selecting which business to make their purchase from, and if they were happy with their experience of purchasing from you. If they mention that some things can be improved, it is not a bad thing to then ask them how you could improve the experience. Again, this will ensure that you will always be meeting the needs of your customers – a basic requirement if you want to increase sales and grow your business.

Take this example of a property development company. The company thought that new tenants would move into their townhouse complex because of all of the facilities that they offered such as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a play area, tennis court and security patrol. So, the company used these facilities as the focus of their marketing campaign – as a part of their UCD. Surprisingly enough, the new complex occupancy rate was very sluggish.

So, the company made a great decision and decided to ask a few tenants why they had moved there. The tenants said that they moved there because the townhouses had three bedrooms, were new and that they cost the same as older, smaller apartments in the area.

Since it wasn’t the facilities that potential tenants were looking for, promoting that feature wasn’t hitting their hot buttons. The company decided to change their marketing and advertising campaign to focus on the other [more important] features of their complex. Once they made these changes and implemented them into their campaign the complex was fully occupied within two weeks – and it had a waiting list.

This example is only the beginning of how beneficial it can be to ask your customers their opinion when it comes to your business, your products and your services. Once you find out this important information, you can take steps to create some outstanding Unique Core Differentiators that will help you and your company stand out from the rest of your competitors.

As with any kind of research, the more you know the better, and the more effectively you will grow your business.

Developing an effective set of Unique Core Differentiators is a vital step in optimizing your marketing activities, turning your customers into raving fans who return to buy from you time and again and ultimately increasing sales, improving profit and growing your business.

For a comprehensive plan to develop Unique Core Differentiators for your business, you should consider joining our business coaching club and work your way through all 60 of our online business improvement modules, including Module 2 that focuses on finding and using your personalized businesses UCD.

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