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Increase sales and improve profit with a strategic sales and marketing plan.

Do you even know if your ads suck?

Hands up if you run ads for your business. Keep them up if you know whether they suck or whether they have reached Super Bowl status for you. Anyone who still has their hands in the air – congratulations…you are exceptional and we can all learn a lot from you. If you’re a member of…

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Prepaid Loyalty – I may have found the Holy Grail!

So the Templar Knights jump on their horses in the 11th century and set off in search of the Holy Grail. What a waste. If they had’ve waited around for about 1000 years or more, I’d have saved them all the trouble. You see….I found it last week….and it was hiding in a coffee shop…

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Social Media Comparison: Picking the Right Platform for Your Small Business

If your small business isn’t on social media, it should be. If your business is on social media, but you’re not using it actively, you should be. Social media has exploded in the last decade and continues to grow. Social media will allow your business to have more interaction with your customers and can help…

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How to Build a Brand for Your Small Business

Your company won’t flourish if it doesn’t have a strong brand. You probably have a general idea what your brand is, but it’s a more complicated concept than that. When people see it, they have to understand it, too. Your target demographic has to identify it, and build a connection with your business. When a…

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5 Ways You Can Attract and Sell to Millennials

First, let’s get the facts straight: Millennials, the generation born between the years 1980 and 2000, are the most sought-after market today. From a marketing standpoint, this comes as no surprise – they’re starting to dominate the population and are entering the consumer and work force. A good portion of them already had, actually. As…

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Boost Small Business Success with Mobile Marketing

Having a cohesive mobile marketing strategy is essential to any small business that wants to stay in business. 80% of internet users own a smartphone, the majority of Google searches are performed on mobile devices, and 37% of all website visits are from a mobile device. Smartphone users spend an average of 3 hours a…

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Infographic – 10 Ways to Maximize Your Sales Performance

One of the first strategies you need to perfect in your small business career is your sales strategy. Without sales your business doesn’t get started, doesn’t make any profit and doesn’t grow. Simple as that! Here is a very cool infographic from the guys at Healthy Business Builder with 10 ways to improve your sales…

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How To Run An Effective Promotions Strategy For Your Small Business

In this small business coaching video I want you to overcome the merry go round syndrome many small business owners fall for when running their promotion campaigns. I want you to be able to plan your promotions properly, align them to your marketing strategy and know when to use the different types of promotions. Watch…

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