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Increase sales and improve profit with a strategic sales and marketing plan.

How To Run An Effective Promotions Strategy For Your Small Business

In this small business coaching video I want you to overcome the merry go round syndrome many small business owners fall for when running their promotion campaigns. I want you to be able to plan your promotions properly, align them to your marketing strategy and know when to use the different types of promotions. Watch…

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Highest Priority: Why Customer Satisfaction Should be the Most Important Business Consideration

Guest writer Anica Oaks makes a great point in this article – one of the most important goals you have as a small business entrepreneur is to ensure your customers come back and make repeat sales. And customers will only do that if they are satisfied with their last buying experience with you. Follow this…

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Is your Store Design Turning Off your Customers?

Every small business owner in the retail sector knows how important store layout is in maximizing customer sales. In this article, guest writer Josh Astor outlines some of the mistakes we may be making. Learn from these and stop losing sales. Your store layout can make or break your in-store customer experience. As a Harris…

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The Ultimate Guide to Successful Business Networking

Business networking is a skill that all small business owners need to master. The team from have put together this comprehensive guide to networking setting out everything you need to know. Enjoy the read. Your business is important to you, so you definitely are going to do what you can to maintain and even…

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Growing Your Digital Brand As A Small Business

The internet offers huge potential for small business owners to compete with the bigger market players in terms of brand awareness. Guest writer Sam Wheeler provides an excellent analysis of how you can grow your digital brand. Is one of your 2017 business resolutions to improve your online visibility and increase your customer acquisition? It’s…

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Is Your eCommerce Business Ready for Christmas?

online marketing tips for christmas

In this guest post from Tim Cameron-Kitchen, owner and founder of Exposure Ninja, we see again that there are many similarities between online business and offline business. Here is what you need to do to get your eCommerce site ready for Christmas. Across the world, offline shops are putting up decorations, training their Christmas temps…

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How to Get the Most out of Your Small Business Data

Big data is a term we hear all the time now but don’t think it only applies to big business! As a small business entrepreneur, you need to know how to collect and use data to improve your business performance and your ability to survive into the future. Guest writer Sam Makad has provided the…

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Infographic – Strategic Digital Marketing Plan For Small Business Entrepreneurs

Developing a digital marketing strategy is vital for the success of all small business owners, no matter what industry or country you work in. Here is a great infographic to make sense of what you need to do to build an effective plan for your business. Interesting note – the basis of all marketing strategies…

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