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I think most business owners now understand the benefits of using social media as a marketing strategy within their business. But the challenge is to find a practical way to use the various social media options to get maximum results without wasting too much time.

The following blog post was made by a colleague of mine within the Mindshop Group. The post outlines the process his business went through to develop their social media strategies. It also includes a fantastic graphical representation of the strategy that works for them.

I hope this helps you better understand what may work in your business.


Social Media Guidelines Infographic


By Fergal Coleman

We recently created the social media infographic below for internal use at Symphony3.

Download: Social Media Guidelines – Infographic (PDF)


We’ve had many frank discussions both internally and with clients on effective social media guidelines. We all agreed that striking the balance between setting the rules and encouraging people to get involved is the challenge. Hence we decided to develop this graphic. Our aim was to achieve the following:

  • Write simple and clear guidelines outlining the expected behavior of all employees online
  • Provide some direction on the tools to use
  • Provide some ideas on how to use those tools and what to post
  • Deliver all of the above in a format that could be posted on our office wall and would attract attention (so people would actually read the guidelines!)
  • Ensure the format could be read and easily remembered

Of course, these guidelines are based on how Symphony3 as an organisation uses social media. Our most important stakeholders are existing customers and partners. We want to look after them, support them and build stronger relationships with them using social media. As a B2B company, new business comes our way largely as a result of recommendations and word of mouth from those customers and partners. Increasingly those recommendations are being made online, and word of mouth about us is happening on social media.

So to reiterate, our social media efforts focus on enhancing and strengthening the relationships we have already developed with our community of customers and partners. We provide them with valuable content and guidance which they in turn can share with their contacts.

Some companies will use the same guidelines and tools as we do but many others will have different behavioural rules, use less or more tools and post different kinds of content. How you fill in areas 1, 2 and 3 will depend on your organisational make-up – this includes the openness of your culture: the importance you place on social media, the trust you place in employees to do the right thing and the resources at your disposal to create good content.

However no matter how small or large your organisation this same approach can work for you. It allows you to articulate expected behaviours, to promote your favoured organisational tools to employees and to provide some guidance on the content you would like to see shared.

Do you have a social media infographic of your own you’d like to promote? Tweet it to us @symphony3think .

(Original post link - http://leadersgrowth.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/social-media-guidelines-infographic/ )



I recommend you download the pdf version of Feagal's infographic and use it to develop a social media strategy for your business.

What do you think about the ideas in this post? Please leave your comments and share your ideas below.

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