4 Website Mistakes That Will Not Grow Your Business

Every small business must have an internet presence to gain the attention of potential customers but having a website is not enough. No matter how much time or money is spent in creating a website, it will not grow your business unless it is done properly. Therefore, any small business developing their online presence needs to be aware of the common website mistakes and ensure their website doesn’t fall victim to them.


Mistake One: You Are Not Serious About Your Website


Today’s customer is all about the internet. In fact, most customers will not use a company unless they have visited their website first. A website is the modern corporate brochure. It lets a customer know who owns the company, how it operates and what the customer gains by using it.


Any small business that wants to increase sales and improve profit needs to have an effective website that customers can find. Therefore, a website should be optimized for search engine recognition, known as SEO. By combining the right keywords, phrases and content on a site it is ten times more likely to be picked up by search engines and therefore gain attention from potential customers and current customers alike.


Mistake Two: The Website Doesn’t Portray What Your Small Business Does


Within five seconds of visiting a website a customer should know what your business is selling. Customers on the internet have a low level of patience; if they cannot quickly tell what your company does or what it is selling, they will move on to the next site.

The overall composition of the site should be clear, concise and easy to read. Proper English should be used throughout the content with short paragraphs, sub headers and lists of bullet points to let the customer know what your company does and the benefits of using it.


Mistake Three: Making It Hard To Buy Your Products


If your small business sells online, your web site needs to be designed for easy shopping, specifically in checking items out and finalizing purchases. Websites that make it hard for the customer to make a purchase will lose their interest very quickly. Navigation and shopping processes should be created for even the most novice online shopper to understand quickly and easily.


Check your website statistics to see the percentage of visitors that specifically abandon their shopping cart and at what point in the process they gave up. This will indicate where there is a possible issue in the shopping process and provide an opportunity to fix it.


Mistake Four: Lack of Contact Information


Your small business website can be built with the best content and the easiest shopping, but if there is no way for customer’s to contact your company, you will notice customers skip over your website and head to another. A website should have clear contact information that utilizes:


  • A toll-free or local phone number for client contact
  • A customer service email address
  • An online customer service chat (optional)
  • A physical mailing address


So if you want to increase sales, improve profit and grow your business, you need to have an effective website. Ensure that when your website is created (whether doing it yourself or hiring a professional) these common mistakes are avoided so that your website is more effective, more captivating and more likely to increase sales for your small business.

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