Small Business Owners Needing More Financial Help


While small business owners are often used to dealing with large sums of money and lots of complex information, recent research shows that many of them are also in need of some extra financial help. image credit: Lars Plougmann via Flickr  The first study on the subject we will look at was carried out in…

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Tips on Handling Sales Objections


Handling sales objections well is the key to your business getting more sales, as this video shows us clearly Objections let you know that the customer hears what you are saying Expect 4 different objection in the average sale Defer the objections to find out which ones are weak and which ones are strong image…

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How to Make Money from a Small Business


Making money from a small business is something that can be done if you go about it in the right way and get the right advice. Consider structure, self sufficiency and scalability Close to 80% of businesses fail in the first year and up to 90% in the first 5 years Understand the basics of…

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The Business Plan Mistakes You Need to Avoid


There are certain business plan mistakes that you really need to avoid in order to have a far greater chance of success with your venture. Making it too long or getting an expensive consultant to do it for Not mentioning the management team and their qualities Adding unrealistic projections image credit: All in One Training…

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