How to Choose a Business Name


When the time comes to choose a business name you might wonder how on Earth to get started. The task of choosing a great business name is something that can cause a lot more hassle than you might think However, this process can be a great deal easier and could even be fairly enjoyable if…

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Common Legal Mistakes to Avoid


When running a small business, there are many potential mistakes to avoid, with some of the most important ones related to legal issues. Making legal mistakes is a costly and damaging issue that could ruin a business before it even really gets started. This video shows us a few of the common legal mistakes that…

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The Biggest Problems Faced By a New Small Business


Starting up a new small business is always a risk, no matter where you do it and what product or service you offer. However, that doesn’t stop thousands of brave entrepreneurs from doing exactly this every month. In fact, figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that 400,000 new businesses start up each…

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Small Businesses and the Marketing Outlook


The issue of marketing is one of those parts of the small business question that can cause a lot of frustration and doubts among entrepreneurs. However, if you go about it in the right way then marketing can be prove to be a tremendous way of growing a business and making it more profitable. So…

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